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how do i beat deamon hunters?

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how do i beat deamon hunters?

Postby General_Lee » Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:11 am

I've just been taken to the cleaners for the fourth time in a row by my friends 1500 pt deamonhunters.
I play orks and tryed a kult of speed list this time.
1 warboss PK shoota/scorcha & eavy armour
4 12 ork boys mobs on red trukks
1 12 ork boys mob in deffkopta gunship (skimmer trukk)
2 4 ork deffkopta squads with one big bomm each
7 war bikes
5 kommandos
and 5 nobs on a battlewaggon with a kannon, big shoota and deffrolla.
the game ended 3 turns in with 7 boys locked in combat with a dreadnought and everything else dead!
he had 16 grey knights a dreadnought and his inquisitor left. i'd managed to take out his grey knights grand master toe to toe with my warboss plus one squad of storm troopers an assassin and an inquisitors retenue.

any sugestions on dirty tricks or cunning stratergies would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby killmaimburn » Sat Jul 04, 2009 8:31 am

I'm really sorry I can't help.. me and ljundhammer (a grey knight player) just can't understand how they win(ever ..anytime we read a batrep where someone wins with them we just stare for hours at the page trying to understand how).
When you say 1 squad of storm troopers, does that mean there were 3 more min maxxed that aren't mentioned?
4x12 ork boyz-with powerclaw boss pole etc?
7 Warbikes-using the cheaty new codex that says all the basic ones have two wounds?(if things get desperate and your dirty)
Is there loads of stuff in your list your not mentioning because its obvious (nobs in boyz squads) or is it that you choose model count over default wargear (e.g. no buzsaw or anything on the deffcoptas)?
Callidus or eversor assasin?
Shooty inquisitor? (heavy bolter?)
I believe there is a meme out there that says something like 'Grey knights must be cheese, they cost 4 times what my troops do.' (my own, derogatory comment about them can be found in gymbol's sig :) )
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Postby Angelwing » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:39 am

can we have a more complete daemonhunter list to look at?
It appears to be a combined arms list rather than pure grey knights. The usual ork tactic of charge into combat and kill them will work well, but you must gang up on grey knights, especially terminators. Your mobs are quite small, so won't really be able to fight back well. Do each of your mobs have a nob with powerclaw? Do you give the mob a special weapon?
Which assassin are you facing? I'd ignore a vindicare, and crush the others in combat. the problem is the calidus who can drop that nasty template on your mobs.

I play daemonhunters myself as well as orks and consider it quite tough to get results with them, especially against the new orks.
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Postby mattjgilbert » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:40 am

I've not seen Grey Knights win either.

Ork's biggest strength lies in their numbers. Those two things counter the low BS and deal out a silly number of attacks to swamp the enemy. Your mob sizes were too small to do this and probably got knocked out before they got the chance.

Grey Knights have low numbers of models and small squad sizes. They _should_ be easy to isolate and swamp. Overkill 1 or 2 units a time and they suddenly have no army left.
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Postby WolflordHavoc » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:55 pm

I have seen them win once vs Chaos Marines in a normal game and their rles are almost as antiquated as the DE and SW codex. I.E. the deamon hunting/slaying Grand master......can no longer instant death a deamon with his Force weapon!!!

Of the 2 'Inquisition armies' they are far far weaker than the sisters of battle.

In very small games they are leathal how ever.

In your game you need to gang up on a single squad at a time.

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Re: how do i beat deamon hunters?

Postby OWCriminal » Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:04 pm

General Lee, I have been an ardent GK player in 4th and some way in 5th. The thing is that your boys mobs need to be combined in combats. Stay away from his Armour, shoot it is the best policy and if you must fight it, get your PK's into it.
On deployment refuse a flank, deploy your forces on one half of the table, (your left or right) if it's Ssearhead keep it all in reserve. As wolflord says the mobbing up is key, get in to close combat with the GK's and ST's pronto and bear them down! It's all about numbers, who cares if they have St6, there are loads of you guys and they will only have 2 attacks in general.
I used to take GK squads with incinerators and another with 2 Psycannon, this however couldn't stop armour so I had to take Inducted Imperial Guard squads with heavy weapons t sort this out.
Rhino with ST's and 2 Meltas as well. No Dread or Landraiders, they just weren't worth it as they are so much more expensive.
In all honesty you should tear him a new one mate.
As angelwing asks a list would be useful.
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Re: how do i beat deamon hunters?

Postby lordkabal » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:43 pm

GK are good if they are used right but they lack anti armour so things like deff dredds can be a nasty surprise....however i agree that your mobs are small compared to a GK squad if uur gonna use small mobs keep them close together to back 1 another up like they sed swamp each unit and power klaws are a must for orks as against SM players and a like their Iniative is lower so you might aswell take a power klaw (i have been on the other side of them many a times). remeber you will always have more attacks than him so in a dual you can win with the odds on your side...by the sounds of it the GK player want the game over quikly and goes straight for your head as they cant withstand a long battle.....Warboss with Nobz in a battle wagon backed up with 2 mobs of boyz shud dance through a unit or 2 of GK and have enough left to deal with GK Termies as I have seen this in a way.

BOOOM GUNZ can be a pain to him and all SM players....recap keep mobz close to each other if using small squads or make the squads larger maybe even a big mob could be used to distract him while your smaller mobz move up.....
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Re: how do i beat deamon hunters?

Postby Drax » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:10 pm

continuing lordkabal's points, on the deffkoptas, swap the big bombz for a couple of buzzsaws

try to avoid getting your warboss in combat with the GM (use a decent sized squad with a power klaw nob to deal with him and his - that way, he can be picked out, but you power klaw cannot be), instead, kit him out as a troop killer: Big Choppa, attack squig, cybork body, eavy armour. thats 90 points of hurt, and sure he allows armour saves, but he is I5, S8, 6 attacks on the charge - stick him with a decent sized (fearless) mob of regular boyz, and they'll deal with pretty much anything. whack them in the battlwagon (just give it deffrolla, armour plates and grot riggers - your an ork, what you shooting for?)

essentially, the GKs are a small force so swamp him in numbers (as much as you can whilst still keeping your kult theme of course) whilst they are elite, if they can't kill enough of you, it'll mean you'll kill him.

for objective games it may be worth taking a few throwaway units to tie him up and stop him from getting to objectives - sure he can consolidate, but if you have a series of lines of orks, then he can only go as far 1" from the next one! ;)
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Re: how do i beat deamon hunters?

Postby OWCriminal » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:29 pm

Well I played a GK player at the Bristol Tournie last weekend and he relayed a story about his experience at this years GT final, he said that by the third game he was on table 5!!!!! He was lucky that his first two games were against 4 BW Ork armies....his words...lucky?!?!?

His tactics were simple, try to go second as much as possible, watch your opponent spread out across the table edge, then refuse a flank, cram your tiny army into a corner, then look to the GK Shrouding, the Orks will come, usually in dribs and drabs, his squads were of 10 figures! He took the charge, hit first on I4 hitting on 3's, then wounding on 2's, on average he was killing 17 Orks a round. He killed all the mobs, then advanced and carved up the transport with the S6's.

His army included

6 Terminators inc 3 Psycannons.
Dread with TL LC and TL ML
Dread with AC and Dread PF
2 x 10 GK inc 2 Psycannon

He did go on to say that playing Imp Gd Mech he would most certainly die!! Eldar more than likely, Tau more than likely, Space Marine, more than likely and so on.

The moral is really, stay away from the Assaults and go for the shooting, you must be rolling more dice than him and although the odds initially are longer with 5's to hit, you should ware him down eventually. Should!!
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