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Sentinel Tactics

Army lists, battle reports, and discussion of tactics

Sentinel Tactics

Postby Jay » Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:34 pm

I've got 6 atm, 3 scout and 3 armed and for the life me can't think of a positive way to use them. My initial idea was a cheap tank hunter solution but this rubbish because a) Lascannon teams near an officer are worth there weight in gold b) Lascannons are only STR 9, against my mates lander raider I need 6 to penetrate!

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Re: Sentinel Tactics

Postby lostandthedamned » Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:35 pm

Armoured are great at holding up basic units, even things with grenades
Krak need 6's then 6's to glance and anything less bounces off. Even Powerfists take much longer to kill them off as unlike a Dreadnaughts due to haing to kill all three outright before combat ends.
I've looked at 3 Armoured with H.Flamers as a good solution to massed Ork units and Dark Eldar troops (2pts extra a model for Haywire Grenades is a big expense for witches and Kabalites can't take them.). They then have to use their real anti tank weapons on them rather than your tanks. (Lances hate A12 as they are at their least efficent and at squad level can only kill 1 before getting roasted.)
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