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Vanguard Vetreans Weapon Loadout

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Vanguard Vetreans Weapon Loadout

Postby BANE » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:58 pm

Ok guys need some opinions on something, i am building a 10 man vanguard vets squad with the idea that the squad can DS in and either stay as one 10 man squad or more likely split into 2 5 man squads and hit 2 targets at once. The squad needs to be able to tackle all types of targets but its main role is anti armour or to assaisanate a key character or squad early game.

I currently have them armed as follows
Sgt Glaive and SS and MBombs designed to challange and survive.
1x TH&BP
1x PF&BP
2x PW
2x CCW & MBombs
2x Hand Flamer and CCW
1x BP & CCW & MBombs

My question is i have 2 SS, where do i put them on the 2 PW or the 2 CCW & MBombs? Obviously the guys who dont get the shields will gain BP.

I am in 2 minds as i lose a PW attack to protect them or if on the CCW it doesnt make the squad split optimal.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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