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Fleet Bank

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:08 pm
by Talus
Alright, its been suggested i do a basic on what the fleet bank is to be used for, so here it is!

there are currently 2 tabs in the fleet bank (accessable at any bank console/azura)

the first one is for anything you dont need, but someone else might

anything like low level quantum torpedoes (mk II and above) that can be used by low level characters, but are of no use to higher levels

ship equipment such as tactical consoles, shields and really, any other assorted weapon

ground weapons in particular! the exchange prices for decent phaser rifles is obscene

the second, is for starbase materials

these include

- scanned particles
- particle traces
- replicated materials for engineering projects (provisions, water purification systems etc)
- gamma quadrant commodities (unrefined ketracel white, shapeshifting lockets etc)
- Heavy Phaser Sattelite Turrets (these are a little harder to find, federation duty officers get a mission to aquire ONE satellite, klingon officers get marauding missions to aquire between 10 and 30 of them depending on mission success, they stack in 20's and are needed 50 at a time)

fleet captain and above can withdraw from the bank (this is to prevent any ''new recruits'' robbing us), so if you need something that is in there, just take it! its what its there for

but i do ask that if you take a cryo tribble, you let me know so i can breed some more