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Fleet Uniforms

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Fleet Uniforms

Postby Talus » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:01 pm

Fleet uniforms are now available!


next time you swing by space dock or deep space nine, stop in and see the tailor! (red shirt icon on your nav map, or look for a 20ft hologram)

when creating your uniform, on the third screen where you select your jacket/commbadge/trousers etc, there is a drop menu at the top, you'll see 7 options

aos tactical
aos engineering
aos science
fleet ceremonial
fleet tactical
fleet engineering
fleet science

the fleet uniforms arent required, they're old ones pending redesign

what you want is the aos uniforms!

please choose the one for your profession!

below the drop box for that, you have the badge, it goes well with the uniform, so please put it on!

you can customise it if you wish, add in your rank pins etc, but where possible, dont change the jacket or trousers

its shown to make quite a statement when there are 4 of us in a ground match all wearing the same uniform, makes us look like we know what we're doing! (oh how WRONG they are :P)
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