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Fleet Update

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Fleet Update

Postby Talus » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:56 pm

Alright guys

at this moment in time, we are currently upgrading to a tier 1 starbase!

in less than 20 hours from time of this posting, new projects will be available, including engineering tier 1, the fabricator (for fleet grade armor and weapons) and we'll be starting construction on the trans warp gate which will give us access to vulcan and fleet starbase transwarp abilities!

considering there are only 5 of us (well 4, KMB hasnt been seen for a while :P) we're doing a damn good job!

the fleet has also been renamed! by vote, we are now ''Age of Titans''! in no small part, its because all but two fleet members are users of this forum :P

if at all possible, get on, get some marks, make some friends, you all have fleet invite permissions, just dont promote them above ensign and we wont have to worry about getting the bank robbed!

get recruiting, get as many as you can into the fleet, im past caring about the restrictions i had before, if they have a remotely decent name and dont swear more than galador, get them in!

game update:

there is currently a bug with the tailor, it basically removed the option to change comm badges, rank pins and fleet uniforms are messed up, the next tribble(test server) build will include the fix, will repost once its up and i can confirm its fixed

fleet missions (ie: incursion, fleet alert, blockade etc) are going to be adjusted to, from what i can tell, increase the rewards to help benefit smaller fleets!

also, we are in dire need of dilithium, the interior project is still ongoing (need another 40k dilithium) so thats taking every drop i make, and for the record, i do NOT want anyone else contributing to that project, at 200k to add in plants, consoles and basic stuff like that, i dont want anyone else wasting their resources.

the only reason im getting it done is because its not yet clear if these ''featured projects'' will be repeated, so this may be the only chance we get to add some ''life'' to our starbase

also, the next person to make a crack about the windows, gets my Bat'Leth in the eye!

or an Arrow in the knee :P

more updates when they're available


Tailor has been fixed! badges and pins work again :D
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Re: Fleet Update

Postby killmaimburn » Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:45 am

Talus wrote:(well 4, KMB hasnt been seen for a while :P)

Yeah sorry about that lost my login details.. (and I had to reinstall my laptop, and my daughters birthday and summer holiday and I have a note from my mum and stupid game doesn't work properly for me,humpth).
But I have lured an associate over from DDO, when I remember his details I'll pass them along to you.

Just one more batrep and I'll be on... and painting my dreadnoughts, and defence line..and maybe an ork or 2..just one more...
(I suck)
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