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1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

6.45pm Monday - Downley community centre, School close, Downley HP13 5TR

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1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby DaBoss » Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:15 pm

Had my 1st game of Necrons in 6th edition up against Stu's Orks @ 1500pts

I had Trazyn, Cryptek, 2 x Necron Lords, 10 Immortals, 2 x 20 Warriors, 5 x Scarabs, Monolith and a Doomscythe
Stu had a Mekboss, 4 x 20 Boyz Mobs, 1 x 10 Gretchin, 3 x 3 Killa Kan Mobs, 1 x DeffDread, 8 Lootas.

We rolled up Dawn of War and Purge the Alien - so Kill points

Stu won table side and deployed to his left flank round a ruined Bastion with Lootas on the right flank in ruins.

I decided to put the Monolith in reserve, hindsight I could have deployed it on the table with its 24" range. Otherwise I deployed the Necrons on Stu's right flank opposite the Lootas and out of range from his Killa Kans, while the scarabs hid behind a ruin out of sight

Turn one was all about moving, except Stu managed to get 24 shoots off with the Lootas killing 5 Necron Warriors.
NOTE: I stole the initiative.

Turn 2 - down came my Monolith which scattered 12" luckily I am placed it far enough away from the Orks, landed 2" away from the Lootas, while the Doomscythe zoomed on 18".
The Doomscythe opened up rolling a 13" for range which enabled me to touch 3 Killa Kans, wreaking one, exploding another and destroying the weapon on the third.
Meanwhile the Monolith dropped the Particle Whip on a mob of 20 Boyz (Stu had bunched up all his units, made it a bit easy for my to maximise the template) killing 14 Orks which fled the table, 1 KP and 1st Blood to me, the Guass flyers strafed a few more in another unit, while the Warriors picked off a few more.

The Orks return fire was minimal due to extreme range, Lootas failed to kill anyone as I make all my Resurrect protocols. The Killa Kans fire on the Doomscythe and manage 1 glancing hit.

Turn 3 - it all goes off, Monolith moves to within 1" of Ork Mob and portal of exile kills 11 models, Particle Whip drops on another Mob killing half of them, my Warriors move to 12" range and kill a few more (Mekboss unit reduced to 6 models but does not run). Doomscythe lines up on the Killa Kans and again touches 3 Killa Kans, destroying 2 more and shaking another.

Ork turn, couple of Warriors go down to Slugga fire, then assault, Slugga Boyz make it but not the single Killa Kan, my over watch gets 5 hits but no casualties due to Kustom Force Field.
Combat sees 4 Necrons down and 4 Orks down - draw.

At this point Stu calls the game 2 KP to 0 KP
In my next turn, I had some easy kills to come, Lootas being shot by 15 rapid fire Warriors, 3 Boyz running off table, Monolith lining up to kill another full Boyz mob and the Doomscythe plus other shooting could take out the remaining 3 single Kans all on 1 hull point each.
Whereas Stu had 4 Orks including Mekboss in combat with 13 Warriors including Necron Lord and a long 10" charge with DeffDread at Monolith....

I was lucky that it was Kill Points and deploying second and stealing initiative, but plan would still have been the same.

Games are rather fast, not looking to last beyond turn 4 if your lucky.
Shooting is king now, flyers rule, assaults are going to be hard to achieve

No real rules problems - forgot to challenge with my Necron Lord but then again he's not the best as a combat model.

How are others finding Necrons?
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Re: 1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby samuelgrimwade » Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:49 pm

I'm finding the Necrons fine, its me that's the problem, last few games I've forgot some real basic rules, like running to contest an objective! Struggling with the doomscythe, mainly because the armies I've faced haven't had mny vehicles to kill with it! Finding lychguard great, 5 of them can easily see of an assualt from power armour and I've had one unit take out full 10 man marine squads in a few assualts with relative ease. Adding some canoptek spyders soon for a bit off extra cc punch and to fix up my limited vehicles as they get picked on very easily (I only have 2 vehicles). Sam
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Re: 1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby mattjgilbert » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:35 am

Thanks for the write up Phil. Another fast game and seemingly all over after turn 3. Has this been the pattern in all your games? KMB had seen similar in their early games. Do you think it's just a symptom of learning a new game?

Of course, there's nothing wrong with fast games so long as it was tactically challenging! :)
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Re: 1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby DaBoss » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:12 pm

I've only played 2 games in 6th edition so early days.
This game was unfortunately for Stu was all one sided. Knowing what Stu takes for his Orks (Lootas, Killa Kans and Boyz mobs) I could have made my force tailored but I didn't just seems the Doomscythe and Monolith combo was very good.
Helped that Stu had to setup first and I got first turn, I went for flank denial just concentrating on one flank - with such slow movement to counter me, he really had no chance.

Looking round the tables after 2 hours, it did seem most games were over even at 2000pts - so I would say 6th is very brutal with Turn 3 being the turning point - no turn 6/7 last grab objective hi-jinx.

Having a 4000pt game this Saturday, will see how many turns it lasts (probably at least 1 or 2 extra turns due to size of table 8' x 6')
Either Necrons vs Space Wolves
Or Dark Angels vs Nurgle Space Marines
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Re: 1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby Ogregut » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:39 pm

My last two games of 6th have gone on for 7 turns. My games vs James last week was up for grabs up to turn 5, then he ran out of troops (but didn't give up) and vs Mike this week it was all over from turn 3 as I was up 8 to 1 on VPS, but it was more about him learning the game.
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Re: 1st Game of 6th Edition with Necrons

Postby CheeseNinja » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:58 am

The other three games i've played under 6th have gone on a lot longer so i wouldn't say that is edition is quicker in fact just the opposite.

The real kicker here with this being over so quickly was never having played against Necrons before and only ever having read the old codex I wasn't sure what i was up against(so had bunched up) so the Doomscythe and Monolith were quite horrible to say the least(so much so I may well add some shiny robots to my list of allies to get :).

In retrospect now that i've seen what they are capable of a warbike heavy list led by Wazdakka or the one from IA8 would fare a lot better I feel.

Things i've noticed so far are that getting into assault especially when through cover and with overwatch and also the ability of rapid fire troops to keep backing away and still keep firing one shot is now quite difficult for infantry on foot.
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