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Any interest in a 4-player Warhammer team tournament?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:12 pm
by Wilzif
Hey guys,

Thought I would see if there was any interest in a Warhammer team tournament in February next year.

They are running a 4-player team event at Maunsfeld Gaming (was Eye of the Storm in Mansfield) on February 23 & 24. It's a 5-game event using ETC rules and pairing systems so probably not for those who really don't like comp much (I'm looking at you Jamie :D ).

Here's a link to the thread on the Warhammer forum. It has the basic rules, how pairings are worked out (which seems complicated, but we've been using something relatively similar on our outings to Reading/Oxford etc), and requirements.

Official rules for the ETC in 2013 won't be resolved until next year, but you can find this year's ones on the Warhammer forum to check what you can and can't get away with.

So, anybody interested in taking part? I'd have to check with the better half, but a weekend away with a few jars and clubmates sounds like fun!