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Triunph n Treachery Mon 24

6.45pm Monday - Downley community centre, School close, Downley HP13 5TR

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Triunph n Treachery Mon 24

Postby Thunderlord » Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:56 am

To Phil Mark and Q

I'll print these out but some extra rules for of in the realm of chaos Triumph and treachery game on Monday just to make it more chaotic.
Any big objection let me know
Triumph and treachery in the realm of Chaos
Army List selection
Choose patron god General
Either Khorne Slannesh, Nurgle, or Tzeectch
You may only choose units and characters that also are demons of the same god. Each unit must be given a mark of chaos
Each Army receives a Free Daemon prince model you must pay for all marks and upgrades
Each army must also purchase a Battles standard to benefit from the free Daemon prince if you choose not to then you must pay the basic full points for the daemon prince if you choose one.
Miss cast table
Change results 10-12 to sucked into the warp place wizard in middle of table and follow the amended rules above. With no template or hit on the wizard.
Magic if your magic user gets sucked into the warp result on the miscast table then instead of removing the model place a marker in the centre of the table and roll the scatter dice and roll 1 artillery dice for each power dice used by your wizard to cast the spell, place your wizard in the spot that you would land in if you roll a hit then leave the model in the centre if you roll a 1misfire then you have invoked Khones wrath your wizard is placed in the centre and does not move also place a Herald of Khorne in base combat and fight a round of combat if the khorne player is you’re enemy in the combat phase the Khorne player then controls the Herald for the rest of the game. If you roll 2 missfires then place a demon prince instead of a herald.
The demon prince rolls once on the lesser gifts table and once on the greater gifts table you may not choose the 0 result.
The herald receives 1 locus roll on the locus table and 1 roll on the lesser gifts table.
Khonre Wrath
When casting a spell add up all the dice and measure the distance to the nearest demon prince of Khonre if your dice distance is within of a Demon prince of Khorne you will miscast on a double 1 and 2 as well as a Double 6 a Double 1 and 2 is not irresistible force and may be dispelled you still need to roll on the miscast table.
Blessing of the gods
Demon prince and heralds only rules
For each demon of a hated god that your demon prince kills in close combat roll a D6 on a 6 you gain 1 wound this may take you above your starting wounds your god is pleased with you. Your wounds may not exceed twice your starting wounds.
Reign of Chaos Table
Whenever its states Each Unit Friendly & Enemy replace with
Friendly Enemy and Neutral units/models

Blessing of your God
Roll D6 Ethereal armour
1- Choose 1 unit to this unit always benefits from chaotic surge to this may not be a core unit it. (+1 ward )
2- Choose 1 herald that herald gain +1 to its magic level or become a level one wizard Herald of Khorne gains +1 to its ward save instead.
3- Burning body choose a single character model that model has a 2+ ward against flaming attacks and also causes a strength 4 flaming hit at the start of combat to each model in base contact with it. And has a strength 4 breath weapon
4- Choose 1 unit or model to gain MR2 and your Battlestandard gains the Gods Favour rule but uses his 12” BSB range
5- Choose 1 unit to give Chaos Armour 4+ armour save
6- Your General always benefits from chaotic surge and roll again on this table if you roll another 6 your battle standard also always benefits from chaotic surge you may not roll a third time
7- Chaotic surge does not stack.
Winds of Magic Reign of Chaos Table replace
Result 2 Demonic birth
Every demon prince must take a toughness test at the end of the magic phase if you fail you Suffers 1 wound with no armour saves allowed then place a herald of your god within 6” of your demon prince your herald rolls for a locus and has 1 lesser gift If you pass you still place a herald on the table but suffer no wounds.
Result 7 you may choose the result the eye is always open in the realm of chaos.
Count result 11 as result 12
Result 12 Summoned from Beyond this effects both the friendly and enemy army
In addition you may place a herald of your god in the unit as in result 11 this herald has 1 locus roll a D3 to find out which locus
1- Has the lesser locus
2- Greater locus
3- Exalted locus
The gods favour
When rolling for demonic instability you may roll 3 dice if you are within 4” of your demon prince / general and choose which dice to discard.
Ascending to Greatness
Anytime you unit champion kills another champion or hero/lord take a Ld test if you pass you become a herald of you god. Roll on the locus table.

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