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Batrep: A Meeting of the Vile's

Batrep: A Meeting of the Vile's

Postby ruffian4 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:17 pm

A meeting of the Vile’s.


The battlefield is strewn with the aftermath of “Operation Eternal Banishment”, wherein the Grey Knights destroyed the daemonaic cavalcade that accompanied “Cursus”, The Carrier. This assault, with the use of psychout bombardments, hexagrammic wards and holy icons, rendered Cursus dormant .

Both armies seek to secure both the Cursus and the holy icons, though for very different reasons...

Before deciding deployment zones, 3 objectives are placed on the table, representing the Cursus and the two Holy Icons. The Cursus is placed at the very centre point of the table. Each of the two holy icons are placed on the centre line of the table, 18 inches in from the short table edge at opposite ends of the table from the other and scatter 2d6 inches. Should this take them into impassable terrain, reduce the scatter by the minimum necessary.

At the end of the game, you control an objective if there is at least one of your scoring units, and no enemy unit (whether scoring or not), within 3 inches of it.

Pitched battle.

Victory Conditions.
At the end of the game, each of the two opposing forces receives 1 “kill point” for each enemy unit that is completely destroyed.

The plague tower is worth 6 kill points.

Control of the Cursus is worth 15 kill points, while control of the holy icons are worth 5 each.

Should either of the “Vile’s” reduce the other to 0 wounds (including “outright killed” or “instant death”), that is worth 5 to the successful assassin.



First, the cursus was placed, in a ruin at the centre point of the table. Then came the scatter rolls for the holy icons that were keeping Cursus dormant. Both scattered back into the northern table half, one almost into that deployment zone, so a fair advantage to that side.

Accompanied by incredibly highpitched singing of battle hymns, litanies and ecstatic sisters playing with their organs, we rolled off for the pitched battle deployment.

The forces of order won, chose the northern table edge and would (probably) have the first turn. Stargod was forced to have a boil lanced for rolling a 1.


Angelwing and Norsemantyr, pretty much divided their long table edge in half and deployed.

Angelwing set up his army with (what would seem at first) an obvious attempt at

outflanking the chaos line. On his left and centre left, was a wall of rhino’s and immolators, supported by 2 exorcists. Very scary. In the centre, came a vast hoard of insane Zealots and Repentia, eviscerators aplenty, backed up by the glorious Living Saint and an ominous band of silver giants…Grey Knight terminators, led into battle by Gustav Vile himself.


imperial table left >
< imperial table centre

Norsemantyr spread out in a rather long cluster, a screen of Storm Troopers and Repentia, before a mobile battle group of Seraph squads and Rhino/Immolator mounted sisters. The Inquisitor and retinue, forming a firebase in the wood. On the extreme right, were the “lunatic fringe” of Arco Flagellants and Penitent Engines, well positioned to benefit from the cover of the rock formations near the southern deployment zone.

imperial table centre>
< imperial table right


It seemed that both Stargod and Ruffian felt a bit overwhelmed by their opponents numbers and mobility. After a prolonged debate, they deployed the Plague Cult (Imperial Guard) and Death Guard interspersed in a pretty much continual line. The centre piece was Ruffian’s Plague Tower, Pox Vobiscum, which had people stopping by all morning. A select few were invited by Ruffian to “touch my maggots” and those brave souls that actually dared come into contact with the Plague Tower, were suitably disgusted and appalled!!!

chaos table centre >
< chaos table right

The Tower was placed just left centre, flanked on either side by a gibbering mass of Plague Zombies, screening off the units behind. Russes were placed to crossfire the central objective and the Basilisk, “Raining Brains” found a neat spot in the ruins on the far right. The wood at the centre was the main Cult firebase, bristling with lascannon and led by Kommander Karkass, ready to direct their fire. Screens of mobile, flamer armed Plague Cult squads fanned out, with command sections and footslogging Death Guard elements behind. The giant form of Defiler “Emeo” and two Rhino mounted squads of Plague Marines, in support, along with another firebase of lascannon and missile launchers on the centre right. A hideous, 14 man strong Plague Marine unit set up opposite the Cursus.

Hidden away in the thronging mass, were 2 Cyclops demolition vehicles, the suicidal drivers anticipating a chance to explode…

chaos table left >
< chaos table centre


The Sisters had no infiltrators or scouts and just one reserves unit to declare. The Plague Cult had a few festering surprises however, 3 units were in reserve, awaiting orders to deep strike.

Before the first turn began, Kommissar Lord Krule rolled for his adversaries psychic apocalypse and got Brain Flayer, while “Sickle Cell”, the possessed, received fleet of foot. Then, much to everyone’s astonishment, the Basilisk began to move, the gun crew frantically shouted obscenities at their driver, as there came a most unwelcome intervention. A Callidus assassin’s “word in your ear” moved the tank into the open, under the ornate guns of the exorcists…

Kommander Karkass anticipated the trouble ahead, doubted the ability of the anti tank batteries to hold the Rhino’s at bay and so ordered his forces to seize the initiative from the Imperials. It was not to be, however, the mobility of the foe was too great (Stargod, you useless great lump!!!).

Goodie turn 1, movement.

Turn 1 saw a general advance along the whole line. On their left flank, 2 rhino’s flanked the hill, laying claim to the holy icon atop it. The Rhino’s and Immolators in the centre left rumbled forward, into the lee of the central wood, obscured in clouds of choking smoke.

In the centre, the massed ranks of Zealots and Repentia poured forward, running headlong toward the daemon engine, the most obvious opportunity for a glorious death…or absolution, the living tide stretching out before the Grey Knights and Living Saint behind them.

imperial table left >
< imperial table centre

The Inquisitor maintained her position in the woods, while the Storm Troopers advanced, the unit in the ruins claimed the second minor objective, looking very solidly entrenched. They were flanked by a soaring squad of Seraphs, the Arco Flagellants and the Penitent Engines, hugging the table edge with an Immolator in close support. Rhino’s flanked the wood and the exorcists manoeuvred into position, training lethal salvo’s upon the gigantic tower of filth, from which great bells clanged incessantly, a Babel of a din.

imperial table centre >
< imperial table right

Shooting phase.

Hostilities were opened in the centre, as the zealots let fly with grenade launchers, claiming the first casualties of the day, Plague Zombies, though they seemed not to notice at all. One of the Plague Rhino’s shuddered beneath the impact of a boiling plasma blast which jammed the combibolters. Out on the chaos right flank, the Basilisk crew braced themselves, as a salvo of deadly rockets streaked towards them. The driver was killed stone dead and the tracks were shredded, both gunners flung from the firing deck, the Basilisk remained an isolated sitting duck.

More stinging rockets flew, but a combination of the gnarled trees and hellish daemonic armour, saved Defiler Emeo from harm.

Once again, a hail of rockets careened into the monstrous tower, multiple detonations

scarring the petrified surface, but, when the smoke had cleared, much to the horror of the Sisters, the thing seemed undamaged, but then, no it had definitely slowed.

Deep within the rotten tower, shards of splintered wood and corroded iron flew, lethal shrapnel that tore through nurglings and pounding machineries. Somewhere, a slime vat ruptured and the pressure drive lost traction, but still, it ground inexorably on.

Arco’s and Penitents alike pounded forward, eager to shed traitor blood in the name of the Emperor.

Baddie turn 1, movement.

After a shaky first turn, the tower slowly rumbled forward, amid a quaking sea of Plague Zombies. On the chaos left flank, Plague Marines embarked into the stinking Land Raider and Obliterators began forming strange parodies of plasma cannon, trained on approaching Seraphs.

Elsewhere, there was a general advance, the Plague Cultists moving to secure ground and pave the way for the Plague Marine assault. The two Plague Rhino’s moved to block access to the rear of the central ruins, shielding the central push, from the convoy of apc’s, where Cursus sat, strangely inactive.

On the right flank, units moved up, making a feint toward the objective on the hill, but behind them ambled the true threat, 5 hulking Ogryns. The Obliterators moved slowly into position, the Exorcists must be eliminated.

chaos table centre >
< chaos table right

chaos table left >
< chaos table centre

Shooting phase.
The firebase in the wood received orders from Kommander Karkass to eliminate one of the central exorcists.

In the opposing ranks, Inquisitor Anne Summers observed the teeming ranks of debased chaos with an aloof and reserved loathing. Through her monocular, the socalled Kommander could be seen, issuing orders to the traitorous throng, but they were a base and undisciplined lot, not fit for purpose. They would break like the scum they are…but then, there came a droning monotone voice, drowning out even the discordant chimes of the maddening daemon tower. It seemed that this voice was broadcast through the voxes and dirge casters! Something about it, steeling the filth into a grimly determined whole. What was happening here?

White hot lascannon shots arced toward the central exorcist, piercing its hallowed hull. The machine spirits were so affronted by this, the firing mechanism jammed, forcing the sisters to soothe the holy machine with prayers and chanting.

The machine like monotone voice spoke to the Plague Zombies in the centre and their advance slowed then stopped entirely, as they crouched low to the ground and seemed to cower there, all a twitch.

More lascannon shots rained in on the Sister’s left flank and once more, the machine spirits refused to fire and another of the Exorcists fell silent. The Inquisitor began to suspect foul sorcery.

On the chaos centre right, the Rhino’s and Immolators came under a furious assault, missiles and krak grenades thick in the air, but to little avail, on came all but one of the Rhino’s, the other being destroyed, disgorging a battle squad of Sisters. Continuing the determined attack on the Exorcists, a heavy weapon squad cheered in jubilexation as they despatched one of the intact Exorcists, with a fine demonstration of anti tank accuracy. The formerly proud engine of death, reduced to scrap.

Defiler Emeo’s turret traversed, targeting the heaving mass of Zealots, but the cannon round scattered onto the Grey Knights, whose sanctified armour proved its worth.

The chaos left opened up on the Penitent Engines, but their good position played havoc with Traitor gunnery and they stormed on unphased. Obliterators opened up on the leftmost squad of Seraphs, engulfing them with warp plasma, but only felled one. The mighty battle cannon of the Russ proved to be less than accurate, as it scattered wildly off target and engulfed the Penitents, but again they were proof against the onslaught.

The forward most Immolator took a direct hit from the God hammers of the Land Raider and ground to a halt, the crew knocked insensible by the hideous concussion.

Something was happening to the tower, a great gout of filthy smoke plumed up into the grim winter sky. Inquisitor Summers scanned the thing, trying to determine what was about to happen, readouts scrolling across her vision, some kind of pressure wave was emanating from the blasted thing.

The front of it was adorned with two great eyelike monstrosities, weeping a vile yellow pus. They began to rotate and seemed to be “looking” at the Zealots before them. Moments later, 5 Zealots detonated, torn to shreds.

Then, the twin doors at the front of this hellish thing opened, and forth came a figure…a bloated travesty of humanity, corpulent with corruption and pale, like a corpse long in water. It seemed to be armed with some kind of flamer.

A stream of…matter, indescribable stuff erupted from the corpse thing and drowned 5 Storm troopers where they stood. It was too much, even for such brave men and they fled from the obscenity.

The Inquisitor was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of dread. Something emerged from a crude pipe atop the disgusting tower, a necrotic missile of some sort, arcing high into the air…a deadly accurate barrage of filth screaming directly towards her. A moment later and her retinue, the companions of so many years were gone. Only Tanken, the crusader survived. The others had been dissolved and were now reeking puddles, as the trees around her dripped…no, best not to think of it.

But, with a steely determination, on she marched. She would have revenge for her fallen comrades.

The Rhino crew behind the Storm Troopers watched in horror as the bilious stream of maggots and corrosive slime and body parts hurtled towards them. Faith was rewarded though, as the armour held, though the roof mounted storm bolter dissolved entirely.

Finally, a Russ shot scattered so wildly, it missed Nottingham entirely.

Elsewhere, a few units ran, including the Ogryns, creeping closer to the centre line of the table and infantry began occupying the central wood.

Goodies, turn 2.

Sensing that the time was not yet right, the Callidus waited, biding her time.


Given cause for concern by the horrific firepower they had been subjected to, the Imperials, nevertheless continued to advance, though more hesitantly now.

On the extreme left, 2 Rhino’s consolidated their dominance of one of the lesser objectives, bringing themselves within storm bolter range of a Plague Cult squad with a missile launcher that had outflanked the protection of the hill.

In the centre left, the Rhino’s advanced again, reinforcing their stranglehold over their left hand approaches to the central ruins and the Cursus. The two Plague Marine Rhino’s, however, interfered with their avenues of fire and so, the Chaos advance into the lee of the ruin, could continue.

imperial table right >
< imperial table centre

The mass of Zealots in the centre split, a smaller contingent moving to the left and into the central ruin, coming close to the Cursus. The greater part surged forward to the right, continuing their headlong advance towards Pox Vobiscum, followed in turn by the Living Saint, Grey Knights, Repentia and Inquisitor Summers, accompanied by Tanken.

On the centre right, twin Rhino’s advanced, Seraphs in their wake, while the Storm Troopers continued to flee.

On the far right, the second unit of Stormers and a squad of Sisters dug in around the ruins.

Before them, the crew of the stunned immolator struggled in vain to get moving again, but the hulk of the stricken vehicle provided good cover for the Penitents, Arco’s and a second Rhino, all hurtling down the table edge.

The Seraphs flew majestically and landed on the rocky outcrops, the Cultists behind, ripe for the slaughter.

imperial table centre >
< imperial table right

Shooting phase.

On the extreme left of the Imperial line, the Rhino behind the hill, opened up on the flanking cult squad, two of which succumbed. In the centre left, the Rhino’s traced targets, but inflicted no harm.

Once again, the Basilisk came under fire from that flanks remaining Exorcist, but, true to form, the stricken vehicle escaped and the remaining crew recovered their position and began to traverse the Earth Shaker cannon, in anticipation of revenge…

In the centre, the Zealots and Repentia sprint forward once more, followed by the Grey Knights and the Inquisitor, the Tower now looming quite close.

Exorcist fire once more blossoms on the Plague Tower, but to no good purpose. The monstrosity seems indestructible!

Again, the Arco’s and Penitents stride forward to the right of the rock formations, while the Repentia flanked them to the left. Disgruntled uttering’s from Stargod and Ruffian are heard…”left flank collapse imminent…”

Seraph hand flamer and bolt pistol fire takes down a single rebel guardsman… the Imperial firing phase is given up as a disaster.

Assault phase.

The Seraphs negotiate the rocky outcrop with consummate skill and crashed headlong into the beleaguered Cultists. A swift and bloody affair ensues, in which 4 of the rebels are cut down and, try as they might, they cannot drag any of the holy angels to the ground but stood, in any case.

Baddies, turn 2.

Kommander Karkass screamed his demands for reinforcements over the comm net. In return, God granted a Nurgle Terminator squad, 7 Lesser Daemons and the Daemon Prince Sikilla. The suicide bomber (Marbo), it seemed, was currently lost in the maze of tunnels connecting the ruins…

Baddies, turn 2, movement phase.

The Tallymen of Nurgle, suddenly emerged from the warp, on the chaos left, equidistant between the Repentia and the Seraph close combat. Also, guided by the shining light of Plague Marine squad Caruosis Cruor’s icon, aboard the Land Raider, Nurgle Terminator squad Sepsis appeared behind the giant tank. Now, the left flank seemed more secure.

In the centre right, Sikkila, the Daemon Prince glided in on nightblack wings, but must have been caught in an unpredictable updraft, as it landed way off target. This misfortune placed it beyond easy reach of the holy icon and left it surrounded by Rhino’s, a Battle Sister squad and the remaining Exorcist.

On the extreme left, the Russ manoeuvred to get a clear shot at the on coming sister’s in the centre, while the Plague Marines crept out of the Raider’s assault ramp and moved to engage the Repentia. The Plague Zombies began a death march to threaten the Repentia too.

The looming tower ground forward once more, far slower than previously though. There was a general advance along the chaos line, with the woods in the centre being occupied by Cultists and Marines and the front squad of Cultists crept into the central ruin.

One of the Plague Rhino’s disgorged twin flamer equipped Plague Marines, who marched forward ominously, the Zealots in the central ruin, by the Cursus were in serious trouble. With the Rhino now out of the way, the missile launcher battery could target the Immolator and Rhino wall.

chaos table centre >
< chaos table right

chaos table left >
< chaos table centre

Shooting phase.

This time, even the sinister voice from the tower failed to inspire and the lascannon battery targeting the Hunter right flank Exorcist failed, the war machine remained unscathed.

To the left of the tower, the voice was more effective. Though the Plague Zombies seemed all but incapable of intelligently using their lasguns, the sheer volume of fire, took down 5 Repentia, then 2 more were dispatched by the bolt pistol and melta guns of the Plague Marines.

The combined fire of the Land Raider and Obliterators smashed all three Penitent Engines and a rain of steel and flesh poured down to obscure the snow. The flank was looking more secure each turn.

The Arco’s came under withering fire from the Cult squad, but even the krak missile failed to do harm to the maniacal freaks, so on they came.

The Zealots in the central ruin took a fearsome pounding from 2 flamers and bolt pistol fire which saw 14 of them die terribly, leaving just one lone survivor.

The central squads of Zealots took yet more punishment from multiple flamer attacks, losing 4 in the conflagrations.

On the centre right, the wall of Rhino’s were once more the victims of intense anti tank fire as lascannon and missile launcher batteries, obliterators, multiple krak grenades and rapid firing Plague Marine plasma guns battered at them.

As the smoke cleared, it revealed one exploded Rhino, from which only 6 sisters emerged and a dead Plague Marine, the victim of an unstable plasma core.

Once more the tower was powering up for an onslaught. The eye weapons targeted the central mass of Zealots, Repentia and Grey Knights, exploding 3 of the sisters and 1 brother.

The corpse thing traversed and sent a second tide of filth toward the Seraphs near the centre. Even their unshakable faith could not save 2 of them, who drowned in awful corruption. The tower sent a deluge of indescribable foulness toward the Rhino’s and Exorcist on the right, but it was woefully inaccurate.

Again, the central push of the Imperials came under heavy bombardments, the Defiler annihilating another brother Knight and 3 more Repentia.

The Russes began a campaign against the sisters and Storm troopers occupying the ruins and the objective on the chaos left. 5 sisters were lost and the still fleeing Storm troopers took even more punishment.

With its restricted arc of fire, the Basilisk could only target the Rhino’s behind the hill. The huge shell landed squarely on the front Rhino, but only the storm bolter suffered irreparable damage.

Once more a wave of running sent hundreds of Cultists forward, including the Ogryns, who were getting perilously close to the holy icon on the hill.

Assault phase.

On the chaos left, the disembarked Plague Marines charged the remaining Repentia, while the Seraphs bore the brunt of the daemonic assault of the Tallymen.

The few Repentia stood no chance as the horrific Marines tore them limb from limb with no loss. The Seraphs fared better, dispatching 3 Cultists, but in return, 3 of their number were overwhelmed by the loving embraces and filth ridden swords of Nurgle’s own. Seeing no purpose in extending the stalemate, the Seraphs took effortlessly to the skies, gently landing behind the rock formation, ready to assail the chaos lines anew, leaving the chaos forces a confused rabble, wandering about aimlessly.

In the central ruin, the last of the Zealots was hacked to pieces by the grim Plague Marines, who then consolidated chaos control of the Cursus.

Goodies, turn 3.

Kommander Karkass shouted at one of his squad to reform the line, what was wrong with the idiot? Then, in a flash, the man bizarrely transformed into the lithe and menacing form of a Callidus Assassin, crouching just outside the wood, neural shredder primed. Gulp.

Zealots and Repentia close in on Pox Vobiscum, the Grey Knights in support.



The arrival of the Assassin prompted a reevaluation of the Battle Sister tactics. Over the voxes came the orders, there would be a general army wide assault, time was running out and the forces of chaos seemed to be growing stronger.

On the extreme left, the threat of the Daemon, Sikilla, could not be tolerated. Left to its own devices, it would wreak havoc in the Imperial rear echelons. The 2 Rhino’s retired into the protection of the hill, one of which trained it’s storm bolters on the bellowing thing before them. A full squad of Battle Sisters disembarked and levelled their weapons. The exorcist too, moved into the line.

Daemon Prince Sikilla, has an appointment with fate.


The firing squad was completed as the squad stranded after the destruction of their Rhino filed back into rapid fire range. Things looked grim for Sikilla.

In the centre left, Rhino’s and Immolators bore down on the chaos lines, squads of Dominions pouring forth and the Canoness herself made her first appearance, resplendent with her retinue and their proud banners.

Canoness and retinue assail the central ruins.


In the centre, the remaining Zealots and Repentia pounded forward at astonishing speed, the rumbling tower filling their entire field of vision.

The Grey Knights too marched on, alongside Inquisitor Summers, up to the cannon mouths of the dead black hulk.

Fluttering down on angelic pinions, the Saint stood ready to annihilate the churning mass of Plague Zombies, to her left of the tower.

In the centre, the Seraphs moved toward the right, supporting the assault on the chaos positions around the rocks. The second squad of Seraphs, reinvigorated after their melee with the Daemons, flew at full speed to engage the Plague Marines, standing triumphant over the corpses of the Repentia.

Dominions emerged from the stricken Immolator, while the Arco’s continued on, in range now of the confused Cultists and Daemons, behind the rocks. The Rhino sped up the table edge, in support.

Shooting phase.

On the left, the firing squad prepared to do its worst and there was shown that the shining light of faith could pierce even this shadow of gloom. First to open up, was the Rhino storm bolter, which, incredibly scored 2 telling wounds on the beast. Then, squad by squad, the Daemon was gunned down, until finally, with a howl of rage, it was banished back to hell.

The exorcist, free to engage another target, now the threat of Sikilla was gone, again sent deadly missiles toward Defiler Emeo. Surely this time, but no. The thing seemed to have a charmed existence.

In the centre, the Immolator, alongside the chaos Rhino, spewed forth incandescent promethium into the missile launcher battery, burning two crews to steam. The Dominions levelled lethal melta guns at the still occupied Plague Rhino, reducing it to a flaming wreck. The unnaturally resilient Plague Marines suffered no damage as a result, however.

No less that five flamers scoured the central woods, reducing the Cultist squad there to ashes and mindless, scurrying human torches. The utterly contemptuous Plague Marines batting them away, if the fiery scum came too close.

Guided by the divine will of the Canoness, her squad poured withering fire into the Plague Marines holding the central ruin. Even the corpulent rebel Astartes couldn’t withstand such a fusillade and were cut down to a single champion.

In the centre, the Grey Knights gave ranged support to the Saint, sending 2 of the platoon comm sec to their graves, exploding one of the flamer promethium tanks. Undone by the ferocity of the fire, they fled.

Behind the chaos lines, the Callidus cruelly dispatched Karkass’ lascannon crew and one other of his squad. The lascannon battery too were caught and two crews slumped to the ground, their brains so much mush. Despite this quite hideous turn of events, the chaos scum held their ground, for the voice would allow no cowardice.

The exorcists on the right, receive a new fire plan over the comm net. This time, they target the Plague Marines opposing the Seraphs and 3 of them are annihilated. Both squads of Seraphs and the Inquisitor then gun down 3 more.

The Battle Sister squad by the rocks engages the Plague Zombies to the right of the tower and send 6 to their snowy graves, the close range fire power is starting to reap a grim reward.

Assault phase.

The Living Saint leads the battlefield wide assault, into a mass of Zombies.

She effortlessly sends 2 of them to where they belong and, despite a flurry of disjointed attacks, her blessed armour remains proof against the living filth. Despite their innate cowardice, the voice will tolerate no surrender.

On the far right, the Arco’s assault the cultists. In a frenzy of whirring limbs, 6 of the Cultists are smashed to the ground. Even so, they fight back with determination. Remarkably, 2 of the Flagellants are stabbed to death with rusty combat blades. Despite this success, the cultists flee the field.

On the other side of the rocky formation, a squad of Seraphs charge the last remaining Plague Marine. However, this one is more than just resilient, he is unkillable! One Sister is chopped down and the whole unit flees in terror.

The Assassin strode forward, phase sword twirling. The survivor of Karkass’ command squad fell and the Kommander himself was dealt a delicate but frightful blow. Even so, the grizzled veteran caught hold of the gracefully weaving killer, crushing bones and tearing flesh, but she slipped from his grasp and the desperate combat continued.

In the centre, the remaining Zealots and Repentia charge the towering Plague Engine, eviscerators buzzing like mechanical flies! But, much to the astonishment of the Imperial commanders, there came forth a living tide of tiny daemon lings, that bit and scratched at the fanatics. It was impossible to say just what happened at the base of the tower, many of the Imperials had been brought to the ground and overwhelmed. Some, it seemed, had been dragged, kicking and screaming inside the frightful edifice. Who could say what end they met?

In any case, the Zealot and Repentia numbers were thinned drastically. They weren’t done though.

The psychotic killers went about their work with a frenzied glee and they began hacking great lumps out of the monstrous thing! Multiple detonations shook the tower from top to bottom, sending showers of slime and pus flying. Shards of foul maggoty wood and corroded beams went in all directions. Coughing and vomiting, breathing in obscene spores and bitter particles of rust, the fury of the attack continued.

The leprous tower shuddered to a halt, it began leaking vile fluids and the corpse thing

standing by the great iron doors, seemed to have been mortally wounded. The bizarre eyeball things closed and the whole revolting construct fell ominously silent!

Baddies, turn 3.

The suicide bomber, it seemed, was still roaming the tunnels and failed to make an appearance (you‘re sacked, pal).


In the centre, Plague Marines marched into the wood, followed by the Obliterators, supported by a huge squad of 14 rebel Astartes, heading for the Cursus. The command section continued its headlong flight, past the Callidus/Kommander combat, stopping millimetres from the table edge.

The surviving Rhino gunned its corroded engines and set off toward the Sisters, intent on mayhem. First, it ploughed through a squad of Dominions sending them fleeing. Next, it headed for the Canoness’ unit and though they were forced to evade, their morale held. Lastly, the rampaging tank crashed into the Canoness’ Rhino. It was a stunning collision, but neither of the Rhino’s suffered significant damage. Both Cyclops’ drove around the central wood, the one in the centre screamed into contact with a Dominion squad and their Immolator…KABOOM!

Apparently endless waves of Cultists marched on, the Cursus was in chaos hands once more.

Cursus claimed.


Out on the far right, the Ogryns trudged up the hill, in range now of the icon there.

To the left, the Nurgle Terminators advanced on the exposed Arco Flagellants, accompanied by the Obliterators who began to form daemonic travesties of plasma guns.

Once more a filthy cloud of smoke erupted from the tower, would this thing never die? All around it was shaken by a sickening bass vibration as daemonic energies once more powered into hateful, disgusting life. Shockingly, the horrible daemon lings began to retreat into the tower, hissing and spitting as they withdrew into boltholes and trapdoors…

Within, scrambling hoards of Nurglings and lumbering Zombie crew began shoring up smashed timbers, patching leaking pipes and containers. Nothing could be done to get the hulk moving once more though, the slime vats had collapsed completely and the Zombies in the engine compartments had been entirely dissolved. Upon the lower fighting compartment deck, the pus cannon corpse Golem stood once more. The voice again boomed out across the battlefield, louder than ever, incomprehensible gibberish!

Chaos was about to play its ace card…

To either flank of the tower, drawbridges crashed suddenly open. Finally, the arch fiend made his dramatic entry!

Nastius Vile, beloved of Nurgle came forth, carried aloft by a unruly gabble of Nurglings, Daemon weapon in hand. He was accompanied by the sickle cell, 7 Nurgle Possessed, rusted and pitted sickle blades at the ready.

The Sickle Cell and astius Vile emerge…


Then, in their wake came 2 squads of heavily armed veterans with 3 plasma and 3 melta guns between them.

Vile headed directly toward his bitter enemy, the giant silver armoured Daemon Hunter. The sickle cell (fleet) hurtled toward the Inquisitor and Tanken, while the veterans moved against the insane riot at the towers base.

Shooting phase.

In the centre, the Cyclops exploded, nearly turning the Immolator as it did so. Inside, the crew were flung about in the terrific explosion and knocked unconscious. Caught in the Cyclops detonation and the combined fire of Plague Marine and Cultist elements, the Immolators squad was cut down.

Both the Defiler and the Obliterators tried to shoot barn doors, but failed, as did the missile launcher and lascannon batteries.

By the wood, flamers and bolt guns took a toll of 3 Sisters, but they remained defiant.

At the base of the tower, the veterans special weapons and shotguns wreaked havoc, reducing the Zealots to a single man, but still the confusion of maniacs held firm to their task.

On the extreme left, the psychotic Arco’s were gunned down by a lethal barrage of combi flamers/meltas, God hammers, heavy bolter shells and warp plasma. Not even the stimm fuelled obscenities could survive such concentrated fire.

On the far right, the Earth Shaker once more sent a heavy payload of explosive death toward the Rhino’s behind the hill. The range was overestimated, however and the blast missed the Rhino, but took down 2 Sisters in the deadly detonation.

The Ogryns ran in to secure the hilltop holy icon (though why, they didn’t know).

Assault phase.

In the centre, the sickle cell charged Inquisitor Summers and Tanken. Try as they might, they could not slay the Possessed. The sickles flew and Tanken died, but, true to her calling, the Inquisitor stubbornly refused to quit the field.

The lone Plague Champion, in the central ruin (suicidal) charged the Canoness and her full retinue! This outrageous gambit paid off, however, as the Sisters lost 2 of their number and the Champion poured scorn on their parentage.

To the left, the Tallymen lumbered forward into the Seraphs, but neither side could land a telling blow in the stalemate.

The desperate war of attrition continued around the tower. Again and again, the eviscerators scored telling blows, again and again, the crew tried to

stem the flows of vital fluids, repair shuddering machineries. The balance was with the Imperials, but they simply could not find that prayed for weak spot to kill the beast.

The Cultist squad behind the woods, ran to Karkass’ aid and flooded in against the Assassin. Oblivious to the danger of the charging cult squad, she stuck coldly to her task, and the phase blade once more found its mark, Karkass breathed no more, the horse the arrogant fool was riding, panicked and fled, taking the dead Traitor with it. In her weakened state, there was simply no way she could evade the vengeful Cultists and she finally fell to a “psycho” of descending combat knives and filth encrusted machetes.

The Saint battled on bravely, but could not escape the sea of Zombies.

How to tar pit a Saint!


Hate filled eyes met, as the Vile’s squared up at last. The Chaos Lord leapt into the fray, upon the frothing mass of daemon lings.

There’s gonna be a showdown!!!


But, the Daemon Hunter Lord had prepared well. Clouds of holy incense issued forth from censors in his ornate terminator armour and, for a second, the Traitor seemed to hesitate.

That was all Gustav needed. In that second, he landed two swift blows. Daemonic energies flickered, attempted to intercede for their champion, but the blows still struck home. The unnaturally resilient, daemon engorged chaos Lord grinned, the Daemon weapon at his hand ready to eat this pompous thing alive, but, something was happening, something terrible.

For a brief moment the entire battlefield seemed to grow silent. Then, a howl of utter frustration and terror vomited forth from Nurgle’s favoured son, as the force weapon drank his soul.


The Imperials take 1 of the holy icons, while the other is contested. Chaos takes the Cursus. Nastius is killed at the hands of Gustav.

Imperial Kill points = 19. Chaos kill points = 21 (please note, that 21 = 3x7!!!) .


Thanks go to Angelwing and Norsemantyr, who were stout and worthy opponents! All hail Stargod who proved to be a fine ally!

Thanks too, go to Caspar and Hivefleetbrawn, who in their twin roles as scribes/war correspondents, did a damn good job of recording the events. Cheers to, for Taumaul, for the lending of the (gorgeous) Tallymen. Thanks again guys!

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Re: Batrep: A Meeting of the Vile's

Postby hivefleetbrawn » Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:31 am

Nicely done.
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Re: Batrep: A Meeting of the Vile's

Postby killmaimburn » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:09 am

Dude, I like the writing style,I like the paragraphing..
I like it :D ..
but.. I use the pictures to refer and get straight im my minds eye/cross link your fluff and rules clear..with the pictures.. but from my screen the images where you have 3 or more images fitting to one line.. I can only see a box about 1 and a 1/2 inchs wide by 1 inch tall.( I can't expand them or follow them as links)..and at 1inch I can't make out units /and only vaguely colour differences..
I reckon its all there and ninja.. but the display method of the pictures (on my screen) means I get a little lost..wearing a red hood in a wood somewhere in turn 2.. (the 2 across ones compliment your message well, 1 across gives a real emotive shot and you can really see whats going on.. the 5 across pans I really am squinting and can't get my eyes to focus properly)
I hope its just me..and as I say its all awesome apart from that formatting thing.
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Re: Batrep: A Meeting of the Vile's

Postby Angelwing » Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:54 pm

Pictures are large size for me. The multiple pics in a row are an okay size too. I guess though, that as I was actually playing the battle I know what was going on anyway!
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