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My New Forgeworld Stuff

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:20 pm

With our Team's (Armageddon Inc) recent visit up to GW Lenton for 'Council of War' weekend, which turned out to be a good weekend for my Chaos Daemon army of Tzeentch (1 loss and 2 wins) and the absolute victory (17-5) in Apocalypse on the second day - got to use my Armourcast Phantom Titan in an 8000pts per side.

He did very well, kill list included Marneus Calgar and 10 Terminator Bodyguard, Tigius, Lysander, 3 Centurions, 2 Vendetta's and a Warhound twice (brought back after scheduled break), only possible due to the sacrifice of James Iyanden Eldar protecting me from tons of assault Terminators.

Anyway, between these games I picked up the latest Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre, along with some Mechanicum and the first models for my first Forgeworld only army - 5 MkIII Space Marines to be painted up as Sons of Horus (I've already got a sizeable Worldeater force using Mk6 RTO1 Space Marine 'Beakies' with Angron leading them to many a victory.

Looking in the allies chart in HH Book 1 I found that Mechanicum are 'Battle Brothers' with Sons of Horus, plus I'm not a brilliant painter but their scheme seems like something I could manage.

Well today I cleaned up all the models and glued them together:

The MkIII Space Marine suits without Shoulder Pads (GW did not have any in stock :x But must say they had a lot of other stuff behind the counter, does make me wonder if trade in Forgeworld is getting bigger?)

Thallanx Cohort - are Troops in the New Mechanicum list

Next post, I'll put a bit of paint on them as I have another day off before heading back to work.

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