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Author:  Baragash [ Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:13 am ]
Blog Subject:  Board Games - Mantic Dwarf King's Hold

So assembling Dwarf King's Hold is part of my Q2 Hobby Challenge

Managed to get the Dwarfs (5 warriors, 2 shieldbreakers, mastiff* and dead dwarf objective) done tonight, as well as basing the two Bloodletters for the challenge.
*Who seems to be eating table in the pic :roll:


The models are nicer nicer than the old GW 1-piece Dwarfs, but a few years behind the detail of the current GW range. However, I do quite like the models, plus the relative price means I definitely feel I get what I pay for.

GW Dwarfs are £18.50 for 16 (£1.15 each), Mantic's Dwarfs are £7.99 for 10 (£0.79 each), but you can get 100 for £50 (£0.50 each) if you want. IMO once you factor in the relative cost, they are competitive :)

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