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Author:  Baragash [ Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:17 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Mantic: Kings Of War

So Mantic had a 15% off to celebrate Ronnie's (the owner) birthday, and I took the opportunity to buy both Kings Of War armies from Mhorgoth's Revenge to ~1,000pts (Undead at 1,015 and Dwarfs at 1,005 or 1,020 depending on if I upgrade the Crossbows to Rifles, ignoring Mhorgoth for now).

"Only available for the offer duration" items I went for:
5 Undead Zombie Sprues (3 Zombies per sprue) to make the unit from the basic set into a 30 model unit
Collectors Model - Thinking Elf
Dwarf Command Sprue (5 models) to go with the excess 5 Dwarfs from the basic set
5 Undead Ghouls Sprues (2 Ghouls per sprue) to make the unit from the basic set into a 20 model unit

Normally available items I went for:
Dwarf Forge Guard Detachment (20 Ironclads and an Ironbelcher Organ Gun/Cannon)
Dwarf Ironclad Command (10 Ironclads including Command) taking me to a total of 3x20 Ironclads with Command
Undead Revenant Command
Undead Omens of Death Detachment (20 Skeletons with Command and a Balefire Catapult)

I think we can guess what part of my 2nd Quarter Hobby Challenge will be :)

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