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Author:  Bob_to_Some [ Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:19 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Grey Knights WIP

I thought a blog would help me keep on top of my project!

I have had a fairly good size of grey knights for some years now, back when the now old ones were released as deamonhunters.

So my army thus far:

Grand Master - Built/painted
Librarian - WIP
Brotherhood Champ - WIP
Inquisitor - done

Culexus Assasin - done
Eversor - done
Purifiers x 9 - halberds and 2 x incinerators - Done (Want to repaint though)
+Rhino - unpainted
Inquisitorial henchmen - mix of minis 10-20 depending on what I field - mixture of painted unpainted minis

6 Terminators with mix of halberds and swords, 1 incinerator and 1 pyscannon

6 normal Grey knights with halberds and 2 x incinerators

Storm Raven - built but not painted

Dreadknight - Want to convert to be almost running and sword in 2 hands - next big project

Dreadnaught - done

LR Crusader - converted and built not painted

I will try and tick off as I go and undoubtedly buy more stuff.

Next purchases will be a squad of Paladins and normal strike squad


Author:  Bob_to_Some [ Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:32 pm ]

My Librarian!

Currently a WIP but its come a long way.

I had an old epistolery mini, who I went at with my saw, removed the head section and then cut into the termi body.

For his back I used a new plastic termi backpeice, adjusted the sides to fit the older frame, then made him a warding stave. I used Sterns left arm and cut his hand out, fiddly! The demons head is a bit I had lying around for ages, possibly Inquisitor range stuff?

Green stuffed new piping and a robe and here it is. Next stage is to finish the base and possibly add a lightning flash or two.

Author:  Bob_to_Some [ Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:25 pm ]

Heres the brotherhood champion.
Started off with the jump pack chaplain, sawed off the justicar left arm for his storm bolter, gave him a force sword, and is now ready for green stuff.

I will put the chapter stuff on him, but keeping it simple.

Then there is my inquisitor and Librarian all together for a size comparison!


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