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Author:  Cain Tiberius [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:30 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Easy Co. Update - 30th July 2013

Update time.

So with the addition of some plastic US infantry (painted as Airborne) that I bought from Tadhg, a LMG team and a HMG team, I've basically doubled my force.

Having a better idea of the rules now, I realise the LMGs have to be part of an infantry squad. And squads have to be at least 6 men. So the previously posted 2x 5 man infantry squads and 2 man LMG team, are now a 6 man squad with 5 rifles and 1 SMG. And another 6 man squad with LMG, Loader and 4 Rifles. They can be played separate like that or combined to make a single squad.

I initially intended to do a single reinforced platoon. But I've decided to have 2 Lieutenants. So the previous Lieutenant I promoted to Captain. The 1st Sergeant I promoted to 1Lt and I painted one of the plastic figures as a 2Lt. This will allow me to field more of the back up units.


6 of the plastics form a squad with 5 rifles and 1 SMG. Another 6 man squad is formed from 3 plastic figures and a 3 man LMG team, but it will be fielded as 1 SMG, LMG, loader and 3 rifles. Again, they be fielded as 2x 6man units, or 1x 12 man unit.


Also from the plastics, 2 Bazooka teams and 1 Sniper team.


And finally a US team again painted as Airborne.


Comments and Criticisms welcome as always.

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