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BA Blog 23rd Dec 2012, 2 Vindi's, 1 Whirlwind, 1 Baal Pred

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:36 pm

Howdy folks

Ok so this last couple weeks I've gone a little tank crazy. I have four new additions for your viewing pleasure.

First up are two Vindicators. The first one was an eBay rescue. I'd already striped the paint best I could before this pic was taken. Unfortunately it didn't have any tracks, fortunately I had some IG tank tracks in my bits box (no idea why) and I was able to make them fit. I also had so of the old metal Vindicator parts. Add a couple choice pieces from eBay and some plasticard, and you have a MK1 Vindi :)


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Something different, 21st November

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:41 pm

So it was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary 6th November, and my Amazing Wife bought my a couple model kits :)
A 1/72 scale B-17 Flying Fortress :- long story short, I collected WW2 aircraft when I was a kid. Always wanted the B-17 and never had one :/
And a 1/48 scale F-14 Tomcat :- my favourite 'modern' aircraft.

I've painted these to a higher standard than when I was younger obviously, but not going to my 40k levels.
First up, the F-14


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BA Blog 9th Nov 2012: New Cpt Aphael, Honour Guar and Ride.

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:13 pm

Howdy dudey folks. I brings new stuff. Hopes you enjoy.

Firstly; I re-made Captain Aphael of the 2nd Co. I wasn't entirely happy with the pose of the first one, and I had also experimented with Quickshade on the first which I also was terribly thrilled with... So here be the new and improved Captain Aphael. I also modelled and magnetised several load out options to be several characters from the BA Codex.

Counts as Seth

Counts as Tycho (non DC)

Counts as Dante

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Challenger II project 22nd Sept

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:46 pm

It's finished now :)


I haven't gone to the lengths of damage and weathering I do on my BA. I don't want to go that far if I do more Guard. I also used metalics, as aposed to NMM that I use on my BA. (Wanted something simpler)

Comments an Crits welcome :)


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BA Blog 22nd Sept

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:40 pm

Ok, squad 10 is now finished.

2nd Co. 10th Squad (Devestator) led by Sergeant Triam.


As missile launchers seem to be a staple these days, I chose to equip all 4 heavies as missile launchers. For the same reason I chose not to magnetise. Also as I want all my Sergeants to have flags, I removed the sensor thing from the back pack. I built that a little stand to be a separate model which can also be placed next to who ever has the improved BS that round. I didn't have enough missile back packs, so the 2 I had I placed on regular bolter guys as I also felt it more realistic to imagin someone other than the heavies carrying the ammo.


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