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BA Blog 1st November Old models updated.

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:57 pm

Howdy folks. After dragging myself away from Space Marine.... I was able to finish updating 4 of my squads from my 10+ year old BA force. I present to you 3 tactical squads and 1 devestator squad.

What have I done you ask..

I have removed as many mould lines that I missed 10 years ago that I coulld, without causing to much extra work now.
I have removed baldy heads and replaced them with either new BA helms or BA heads.
I have added Sculted back pack flags to the Sergeants and painted squad markings on all the models.
Other than that, I have given all models a generous wash of Delvin Mud, and then bring the red back a lil with watered down Blood Red. And repainted some of the detailing.

Sounds like more that it is really. But anywho.. PICS

2nd Squad led by Sergeant Arvo.

5th Squad led by Sergeant Pattrazi.

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BA Blog 21st September Super Heavy

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:30 pm

Howdy guys, building/painting has been fairly show this past month. Lot of real world stuff been taking up my time.

But I finially got my Super Heavy Fellblade tank finished. Well.... I still have to varnish it, but the weather is not co-operating at the moment. But other than that it is done.


The tracks I haven't painted quite the same as previous models, but that is because I ran out of some...

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My old Black Legion stuff

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:48 pm

Hi folks.
I've fixed and cleaned up the Black Legion stuff I got back a few weeks ago. Which I am now selling on Ebay. But I thought I'd post them here so you can see if anything grabs your attention, and for posterity.

I've put on Ebay that I want UK bidders only. However, if any of our members from over seas wish to bid. Message me an I will allow you to. :)

You can find my stuff here.


Chaos Lords

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BA Blog 20th August Predators

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:09 pm

Hi folks. Been a month since I posted anything new :roll:
But never fear, the Avatar lookilike Sham Geek has something new too share, lol.

I've been working on two Predator Tanks. One is one of my MK1 Conversions, the other is just a regular kit. As usual, I have magnetised the weapons so I can take pretty much any loadout on both tanks. The nly exception (for the moment) is I can only take one Annilator Pred as I only have one Twin Linked Lascannon between them (for now)


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BA Blog 20th July DC & Mk1 DC Rhino/Razorback

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:50 pm

Hi folks.

Here are my latest models. A 5 man Death Co. (I may add another 5 later) And another of my MK1 conversion Rhino/Razorbacks painted in DC colours.


C&C Welcome and very much appreciated as always.


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