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Thunderhawk progress 2nd January 2013

Permanent Linkby Cain Tiberius on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:27 pm

Just a small update.

I built the fuselage back end so the main body is the correct size/shape now. I also made the engine struts that connect between the body and the engines. The pins are while the glue sets.


Please remember gaps etc will either be covered with detail, or filled in later on. I also mocked up an engine nacelle just to gauge size etc. It's not glued together or to the body, and more detail will be added later.
As I said on the 2012 4th 1/4 thread, they will/are made from 32mm waste pipe that can be obtained from any hard ware store relatively cheap. The ends of the engine are made from 22 mm pipe joiner that I was able to take appart as you will in the pic below. I also got some plastic shot glasses for the exhaust cones, but they are a bit brittle. If I can find an alternative, I may change.


Here is a test fit..


Not a huge amount of progress, but time has been short last few days. Hopefully I'll have alot more progress in my next update.


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