Age of Strife

Author:  DaBoss [ Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:29 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Angron Model for Horus Heresy

Finally found a model that I liked the look of and was the right size.

Scibor Miniatures - 28mm Chaos Master

He actual stands more like twice the height of a Space Marine.
Perfect as a Pre-Daemon Angron just after Istvaan Massacre when he is starting to devote himself and the Worldeaters to Khorne.

Have added some wire to represent the psycho-surgery and put a number of Khorne brass symbols from forgeworld to replace some of the chaos icons; also changed the Mace end for an Axe (more khorne like).

Angron with his Terminator Bodyguard

Close up of Angron

Now to spray him up...more to come

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