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Author:  DaBoss [ Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:13 am ]
Blog Subject:  Germans vs British LateWar - Total War Game

At another of my Clubs that I frequent 'Wycombe Warband', we had organised a large 'Total War' game involving 10 players each with 1750pts of forces.

The German Players fielded:
2 x Panzerkompanies
1 x Schwere Panzerkompanie
1 x Grenadierkompanie
1 x Fallschirmjagerkompanie

While the British fielded:
1 x Guards Armoured Recce Squadron
2 x Guards Armoured Squadrons
1 x Polish Armoured Squadron
1 x Guards Rifle Company

Mine was the Guards Rifle Company which included a 16 Gun Battery (8 x 25pdrs + 8 x 5.5 guns) to give me a combined Devastating Template at AT5 FP4+ with re-rolls to hit...I was looking forward to this.

A few mistakes from the British, getting suckered into a firefight with 8 Tiger tanks and a stubborn resistance put up by the Fallschirmjager on an objective.

Ended on Turn 4 with a 12vp vs 11vp Win for the Germans (if only we had more time...)

Have included a PDF with photos of the game, enjoy.

Total War - Germans vs British 10112012_reduced.pdf
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