<![CDATA[Age of Strife DaBoss's Blog Feed]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com en Tue, 07 Jul 2020 17:20:02 +0100 <![CDATA[BHGS Oxford Pairs]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/bhgs_oxford_pairs_b-178_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/bhgs_oxford_pairs_b-178_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html Myself taking my trusted KG Von Swoboda force, consisting of:
2 Platoons of 4 Flak36 guns (with extra crew)
1 Platoon of 6 Flak43 guns 3.7cm
1 Platoon of 8 Flak38 guns 2cm
1 Platoon of Hummel Tigers
2 Platoons of SS Artillery Batteries (3)
Artillery Warrior Hans-Georg Sonnenstuhl (who allows me to combine artillery batteries and get US ‘Time on Target’ rules).

Plan being where half on half off, I'd Kampfgroup an 8th platoon, placing the big Kampfgroup of AA guns (12 strong), both artillery and the Tigers on table. Does mean my reserves are quite fragile and not really objective grabbers.

Game 1 – Laurence with US 4th Armoured Division in Pincer
US force consisted of:
HQ of CinC Easy Eight & 2id Jumbo Sherman
2 x Combat of a Jumbo, two Easy Eights and a standard Sherman
1 x Sherman 105 tanks (6)
2 x Recce Plato...

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Tue, 27 Oct 2015 15:35:29 +0000
<![CDATA[Horus Heresy & Malifaux]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_malifaux_b-174_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_malifaux_b-174_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html
I managed to Biel-Tan Ink Wash my Sons of Horus.

Notice: I've added the Brass etched Sons of Horus Symbols to the Spartans.
Next I need to Dry Brush them with Dawnstone to lighten the Green Wash to match the test 5 I painted last year.
Still waiting for the Sponsons for the Spartans

Then we both spent some time painting up my next crew for Malifaux (actually Bradley quite likes them but using Somer Teeth Jones)
Here is what I've got finished for Ophelia Crew:

Ophelia Master
2 Bayou Gremlins
2 Slop Haulers
4 Piglets
2 Stuffed Piglets
2 War Pigs

Bradley is painting up the other 5 Bayou Gremlins and Somer.

I think Ophelia will be on the table for tomorrows game of Malifaux 50 Soulstones.]]>
Thu, 02 Jan 2014 18:18:27 +0000
<![CDATA[Horus Heresy - Sons of Horus New Year Update]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_sons_of_horus_new_year_update_b-173_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_sons_of_horus_new_year_update_b-173_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html
Starting with 2 coats of Dry Brushed Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Two Squads of 20 Tactical Marines, 10 Support Tactical Marines, 2 Apothecaries and a Praetor


Two Spartans.

Now for a Dry Bush of Dawnstone before going with a coat of Biel-Tan Green wash

You'll notice I'm missing the Quad Lascannon guns from the Spartans, seems that Forgeworld sent me Predator Sponsons wrongly!!
Wondered why the brackets seemed too small - phoned FW on 20th Dec, still waiting for the post to arrive; hopefully before Monday 6th as I wanted to use my Sons of Horus in their first game of WH30K (more like against 40K Chaos Space Marines) in a 2000pt game.]]>
Wed, 01 Jan 2014 14:36:12 +0000
<![CDATA[Horus Heresy Interlude]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_interlude_b-172_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/horus_heresy_interlude_b-172_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html

That's 2 Spartan Tanks, Primarchs Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus drying out from there soak in water to remove any residual mould lubricant.

While waiting on the first parts of the Spartan hulls to set before adding the track units, decided to go ahead and build the two Primarchs.

Fulgrim and his brother Ferrus Manus

Fulgrims acenic base makes for a very big model, but can now see why when together with Ferrus on the full scenic diorama makes sense (not built that yet - probably will when I start painting)


Looks like I will collect every Primarch model from Forgeworld - just such great sculpts and has having just got to 'Vulkan Lives', love seeing their different characters.

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Sun, 15 Dec 2013 14:30:58 +0000
<![CDATA[Building 30K Sons of Horus Force Part 2]]> http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/building_30k_sons_of_horus_force_part_2_b-171_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html http://www.ageofstrife.com/blog/DaBoss/building_30k_sons_of_horus_force_part_2_b-171_sid-e306104119677b9ea375fd761fefeff9.html 1. Holding the resin together after applying the super glue without sticking my fingers to the resin is a pain
2. Then making sure the Bolter fits in-between the hands without breaking the arms off again.

I found putting a layer of Liquid Green stuff on the joints gave the superglue some coarseness to bond.

Anyway - finally managed to get the arms, bolter, head and shoulder pads on.

That's 35 Tactical Space Marines with Bolters (including Sergeant, Vox and backbanner), plus a Squad of Support Marines with Plasma Guns.

Add to this Loken Garvial and the two Apothecaries.

Finally decided to put together Abaddon as well, decided to go with the Combi Bolter than the Sword, though my Sons of Horus will...

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Sat, 14 Dec 2013 13:18:38 +0000