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Flames of War - Total War

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:26 am

Having a long summer break between Contracts - so have time to play big games.

Had 2 games of FoW and persuaded Stu & Ian to take me on at "Total War" mission, this is played with larger than normal forces, we went for 3000pts from one Company.
There are 6 objectives on the table which give you 1vp each turn held, 2 in each players deployment and 2 6" from center line. We played over a 6' x 7' table.

Ruined Town including New Railway Station

Russian Village - latest purchase is the Church

First game was my British Armoured Tanks from Hells Highway vs Stu's German Panzerkompanie.

British - CV
HQ - 4 Shermans
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly

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Malifaux - Pandora, Avatar and old sculpt

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:51 pm

Finished painting my Pandora models, including Avatar of Famine (with Teenage Candy) and old sculpt of Pandora.
Planning to use old sculpt to show her having reached the 1st manifestation criteria.


Teenage Candy needs a little bit more work finishing off her base and maybe darken her hair - bit bright yellow at the moment.

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Malifaux - Adding to the Crew

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:46 pm

Have spent sometime this week adding colour to my Avatars for Pandora and Rasputina.

Rasputina's Cult of December
Full crew:
Pandora + Avatar
Ice Golem
3 x Ice Gamin
December Acolyte
Ally - Cassandra

Close up of Rasputina and her Avatar of Famine

And a Family Picture of Pandora's Crew
3 x Sorrows
Baby Kade

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Malifaux - Molly Squidpiddge vs Pandora

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:07 pm

My family have been very intrigued with my latest obsession with Malifaux. My Wife says that Teddy looks really cuddly and sweet!!!

But it's my son who has surprised me, he loves the idea of the game (compared to what we have done so far with GW Fantasy).
He's picked up the rules really quickly, especially as it's using cards which he loves playing at other times - currently learning to play Bridge at after school club.

So this Sunday we setup the table to have a small scrap between Molly Squidpiddge and Pandora.
I was running with Molly, 3 x Rotting Belles and a Rogue Necromancy
while my son ran with Pandora, 3 x Sorrows, Baby Kade and Teddy.

We both got Recon, so played a shared mission.
NOTE: the large Wizards Manse from GW, looking these scenery pieces - have just got the Graveyard undercoated black.



After standing...

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Malifaux - Avatars

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:37 am

I haven't got Twisting Fates book yet (was not going to bother), but on reading about the Avatars for each of the different Factions and seeing what the Pandora & Rasputina look like I had a bit of a compulsive purchase (nearly as bad as I have with Games Workshop)....

So I got both and have put them together - Pandora was a bit of effort as it came in 2 metal pieces and 5 resin which did not fit perfectly without a lot of shaping and cutting - but am now really happy with it.


I think Rasputina Avatar of Famine will be quite an easy one to paint, very much like what I did for the Ice Golem then flesh up Rasputina body.


Pandora will be a bit more effort but the contrast between the Tentacles and the Serpent trails will be interesting.
Love the Teenage Candy - will have to think how her clothes will look compared to her...

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