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Kings of War: Single Model Cost

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:59 pm

So having determined that the base cost of a model is our starting point for calculating each unit cost

Then using the following formulas:
Troop (N) Cost = N x SMC
Regiment (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.5)
Horde (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.75)

Units that start at Troop(5)
- count Half-Regiment(N) as Regiment(N) cost
- count Regiment(N) as Horde(N) cost

We get the following results: Difference in points in RED
Single Model Cost.pdf
(197.3 KB) Downloaded 894 times

Skeleton SMC=4.5 Troop(10) = 45, Regiment(20) = 80, Horde(40) = 150 ---- All AOK
Revenant SMC=6 Troop(10) = 60, Regiment(20) = 110, Horde(40) = 210 ---- Not so good +5/+10 increase
Zombie SMC=3.33 Troop(15) = 50, Regiment(30) = 85, Horde(60) = 155 ---- Not so good -5/-15 decrease
Ghoul SMC=4.5 Troop(10) = 45, Regiment(20) = 80, Horde(40) = 150 ----...

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King Of War - Base Model Cost and modifier to Unit Size cost

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:25 pm

With a lot of time on my hands in the evening (away on Customer Site and staying in hotels), I spent some time thinking over the costing of models and the unit size cost again.

So starting with a Skeleton Troop (10) at 45pts - that equates to a 'Single Model Cost' (SMC) of 4.5pts
likewise an Elven Spearmen Troop (10) at 60pts means a SMC of 6pts

If we take all the units from both the Undead and Elven factions, we get:
Skeleton 4.5pts
Revenant 6pts
Zombie 3pts
Wraith 25pts
Ghoul 4.5pts
Revenant Cavalry 16pts

Spearman 6pts
Sea Guard 10pts
Bowmen 9pts
Scout 8pts
Palace Guard 7pts
Stormwind Cavalry 18pts

So far so good...

Now looking at the Unit costs using these single model costs

So taking a Skeleton Troop (10) at a cost of 45pts
Single Model Cost of a Skeleton is 4.5pts
To get...

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Generic Points System to use in Kings Of War Rules

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:59 am

Having played a few games at the club and practice games at home, I've come to like the simplicity of the rules and the game dynamic it produces.

No more HeroHammer or huge tomes to look through to see what the rules subsection states, and easy to get a game done in a short space of time.

Unfortunately, in there eagerness to get rules out to use their models, Alessio did a fine job but I do wonder about the costing of some of the units.

Lets take for example a Simple Regiment from the Undead and the Elves (20 strong unit with no Standard Bearer or Musician).

Skeleton Regiment (20)
Sp 5, Me 5+, De 4+, At 10, Ne 6 with Evil Dead, Shambling Horde and Phalanx rules @95pts

Elven Spearmen Regiment (20)
Sp 6, Me 4+, De 4+, At 10, Ne 6 with Elite and Phalanx rules @110pts

Some stats can be ignored as they will have no difference between the effectiveness of each unit.
So the main differences are:
1) Speed - Elves will likely get the charge...

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