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Building 30K Sons of Horus Force

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:10 pm

So after test painting 5 Sons of Horus models and liking what I did, I jumped in and bought myself a force of Sons of Horus as my birthday present to myself.
Put the order into Forgeworld for 45 Mk III Armour, Phobos Boltguns, 10 Plasma Guns, Sons of Horus shoulder pads, 2 Apothecaries and the Loken & Abbaddon box set. As I was putting such a big order in I decided to also pick up two Spartan Tanks and the Ferrus Manus Primarch model (see these models in a later blog).

Should have enough for a 1500pts+ force, swap in 2 Plasma Guns into each 20 Man Squads and ready to use as Chaos Space Marine Force.

This weekend I started on the Tactical Space Marines, washed and cleaned up the models; started fixing them together.

photo taken with legs and torso done - later got the backpacks on and right arm.


Cleaned up and glued Loken and the...

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Sons of Horus - Test Painting

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:12 pm

Just need to finish the base and do some highlights on the Shoulder Pauldrons
Think the Shoulder Icon needs darkening?
Plus Squad symbol of other shoulder - What to put there? Did Tactical Squad Markings exist in 30K pre-codex astartes?
- test painting of my Sons of Horus done.




Suggests and comments please.

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Horus Heresy - further painting

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:37 pm

I'm just loving painting these new Forgeworld models.

Sons of Horus
Have given them a wash of Biel-Tan, followed by two dry brushings of Dawnstone, 2nd thin wash of Biel-Tan and another dry brush of Dawnstone - never gone to this much effort for rank & file troops!
Added the Pauldrons giving them the same washes and dry brushing, then picked out the edges with Hashut Bronze washed with Nuln Oil.
Finally finished today with painting bases Mournfang Brown.

I think I'll enjoy painting up another 35 more of these troops.
Sons of Horus

Also added some more colour to my Mechanicum, in line with how my other look


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Horus Heresy - Undercoated and base coat

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:00 pm

Undercoated all the models Black.

Sons of Horus then 'Adeptus Mechanicum Grey' wet brush followed by a dry brush of 'Dawnstone'

Mechanicum base sprayed with Halfords Red, then washed with watered down Baal red ink


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My New Forgeworld Stuff

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:20 pm

With our Team's (Armageddon Inc) recent visit up to GW Lenton for 'Council of War' weekend, which turned out to be a good weekend for my Chaos Daemon army of Tzeentch (1 loss and 2 wins) and the absolute victory (17-5) in Apocalypse on the second day - got to use my Armourcast Phantom Titan in an 8000pts per side.

He did very well, kill list included Marneus Calgar and 10 Terminator Bodyguard, Tigius, Lysander, 3 Centurions, 2 Vendetta's and a Warhound twice (brought back after scheduled break), only possible due to the sacrifice of James Iyanden Eldar protecting me from tons of assault Terminators.

Anyway, between these games I picked up the latest Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre, along with some Mechanicum and the first models for my first Forgeworld only army - 5 MkIII Space Marines to be painted up as Sons of Horus (I've already got a sizeable Worldeater force using Mk6 RTO1 Space Marine 'Beakies' with Angron leading them to many a victory.

Looking in the allies chart in HH Book 1...

[ Continued ]

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