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Author:  DaBoss [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:25 pm ]
Blog Subject:  King Of War - Base Model Cost and modifier to Unit Size cost

With a lot of time on my hands in the evening (away on Customer Site and staying in hotels), I spent some time thinking over the costing of models and the unit size cost again.

So starting with a Skeleton Troop (10) at 45pts - that equates to a 'Single Model Cost' (SMC) of 4.5pts
likewise an Elven Spearmen Troop (10) at 60pts means a SMC of 6pts

If we take all the units from both the Undead and Elven factions, we get:
Skeleton 4.5pts
Revenant 6pts
Zombie 3pts
Wraith 25pts
Ghoul 4.5pts
Revenant Cavalry 16pts

Spearman 6pts
Sea Guard 10pts
Bowmen 9pts
Scout 8pts
Palace Guard 7pts
Stormwind Cavalry 18pts

So far so good...

Now looking at the Unit costs using these single model costs

So taking a Skeleton Troop (10) at a cost of 45pts
Single Model Cost of a Skeleton is 4.5pts
To get the cost of a Regiment (20), I've deducted 0.5pts = 20 x (4.5 - 0.5) = 80pts
To get the cost of a Horde (40), I've deducted 0.75pts = 40 x (4.5-0.75) = 150pts

So lets take an Elven Spearmen Troop (10) at 60pts, a SIngle Model Cost is 6pts
A Regiment would be 20 x (6-0.5) = 110pts
(Note: unit gains Phalanx for free - why I think some units are wrongly costed, Skeletons listed as costing an additional 15pts to get Phalanx)
A Horde would be 40 x (6-0.75) = 210pts

So the larger the unit, the more cost effective it becomes.

Unfortunately, this consistent approach has not been followed through with all the units.

For Example
Troop (10) @60pts, Regiment should be 110pts but is listed as 105pts, Horde 210pts but is 200pts

Elven Palace Guard
Troop (5) @ 35pts, model = 7pts, Half-Regiment (10) = 65pts AOK, Regiment(20) = 125pts but listed as 120pts

My Conclusion:
Determine the Single Model Cost (SMC)
Troop (N) Cost = N x SMC
Regiment (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.5)
Horde (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.75)

Units that start at Troop(5)
- count Half-Regiment(N) as Regiment(N) cost
- count Regiment(N) as Horde(N) cost


Author:  Baragash [ Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:13 am ]

So how are you determining the SMC for homebrew units? :)

Author:  DaBoss [ Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:17 pm ]

Baragash wrote:So how are you determining the SMC for homebrew units? :)

Now that will be in my next installment of the Blog.
I had worked out an initial draft of the calculation, but need to just go over it again to make sure it adds up.
It's the Elven Spearmen Regiment/Horde getting Phalanx for free which screwed up my calculations.

Due to not having access to AoS site while away from home (Work Internet Security blocks it), I won't be able to post till next Friday.

Otherwise any comments on what I've stated/determined so far?

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