Age of Strife

Author:  DaBoss [ Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:46 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Malifaux - Arcanists Rasputina

So my 1st Crew for Malifaux - Rasputina and the Cult of December

Master - Rasputina

Ice Golem

The Crew - Rasputina, Ice Golem and the 3 Ice Gamin

Decided to go with a heavy Asurman Blue Ink wash on the Ice creatures with idea of dry brushing up with White to pick out the high detail and leave dark blue in the recesses.


Author:  Iceman99 [ Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:29 am ]

I think maybe dry brush a lighter blue first and work your way up to white. they would look more striking that way. i an intrigued with this malifaux stuff some of the models look quite cool

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