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Author:  DaBoss [ Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:07 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Malifaux - Molly Squidpiddge vs Pandora

My family have been very intrigued with my latest obsession with Malifaux. My Wife says that Teddy looks really cuddly and sweet!!!

But it's my son who has surprised me, he loves the idea of the game (compared to what we have done so far with GW Fantasy).
He's picked up the rules really quickly, especially as it's using cards which he loves playing at other times - currently learning to play Bridge at after school club.

So this Sunday we setup the table to have a small scrap between Molly Squidpiddge and Pandora.
I was running with Molly, 3 x Rotting Belles and a Rogue Necromancy
while my son ran with Pandora, 3 x Sorrows, Baby Kade and Teddy.

We both got Recon, so played a shared mission.
NOTE: the large Wizards Manse from GW, looking these scenery pieces - have just got the Graveyard undercoated black.



After standing off from each other - Teddy charged the Rogue Necromancy and managed to inflict severe damage with claws, my return attack did severe back on Teddy, unfortunately for Teddy I got the initiative next turn and gutted him.

Baby Kade then Lured the Rogue Necromancy into base contact and pulled out Sweetbreads with a card draw of 13 vs my draw of Black Joker...down went the beast.

Meanwhile Pandora managed to not only jump through all my Belles with Pacify but also put Dementia on them as well as Doldrums from the Sorrows (Bradley had managed to pull a fist full of 11+ cards in his control hand whereas the best I had was a 6!!!)
Resulted in 2 dead (again) Belles and the final one on 3 wounds left.

I had messed up putting Molly too far back to support her undead crew and was only able to get her into the fight on turn 5.

But it did not help as Pandora did her dance all over again as Bradley got the intiative and made my final Belle fail 3 WP tests in a row.
Molly landed a few of wounds on Pandora which she transfered to her attached Sorrows.
This left space for Baby Kade to charge in on Molly (after passing her Terrifying test), his Knife hit came up a 13 and mine as usual an average 6 (with no better cards in my hand), so damage was standard flip (charge+ Hard to Wound-) and her pulls up a Red Joker, so severe plus a second flip of severe and on top of that her also got off Sweetbreads for a total of 10 damage....

Down went Molly, even my Slow to Die was wasted as Molly has no combat ability!!! I'd missed this when reading her card....

So my Son has played 3 times and has beaten me all 3 day I will win!


Author:  Ogregut [ Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:24 pm ]

Sounds like a fun game, didn't understand most of it but seems very fun. Will get my crew put together soon and get some pics up.

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