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New Plans

Permanent Linkby Jay on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:32 pm

9 months nearly since the last post and no pictures, hrmm. Change of plans! I started to assemble on mass and relieased several things. A) Wasn't happy with the models B) Wasn't happy with the weapons & accesroies and C) Had no concrete plan for how many and what kind of troops I wanted.
So the project took a back seat while I got on with starting from scratch. A clean slate...sort of. Since picking up the hobby back in 07 I've ploughed loads of money into nothing because I've rushed, changed my mind and then changed it again. Hell I probably have been able to afford a complete DKoK army going off what I've spent so far! That being said I've now got a ton of models that need so much repair work it's not worth the effort.

The biggest obstacle for me has being finding the right balance between W40k/Imperium and the Helghast theme, because I can't sculpt or model it has been so far simple head swaps but this never really satisfied what I had in mind. Something that always bothered me was even when people goto lengths to customise there IG it ultimately looks very similar to others unless its extremely good or something from FW. This bothered me because SM armies look amazing and unique with only the slightest modifications. I also want my army to follow the fluff I've laid down and for them to look modern yet in keeping with the 40k universe, and like modern militaries I wanted a degree of individuality to there equipment and weapon whilst remaining uniformly the same. So I've gone back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan;

Using a combo of catachan/cadian torsos as the base for all my units. There going to be so kitted out with gear that the bodies are largely irrelevant, it's the scale that's most important.

Heads - I'm going to try construct my own and replicate them, failing that I'm falling back onto pig iron heads.

Arm's are as stands going to be modified FW Chaos arms and cadian arms. Basically no giant shoulder cauldrons. Instead pockets, pouches and smaller realistic pads.

Legs are going to be a mix of SM Scouts, Cadians and Catchans and I hope to sculpt some small coat type legs. Also sidearms, knee pads and pockets will be added.

Weapons...well right now I'm debating! I have some chapter house Scar auto guns enroute, 30 in total, theres some brand new maxmini bull pup assault rifles that look tasty and I have a Halo Battlerifle from Megablocks that fits perfect (and is easy to modify) as well as a dozen or so elysian rifles and FW auto guns. I was going to modify the standard lasgun/rifle but it's a lot of work when theres so many good options. I'm debating adding carry handles and converting the scar auto guns into bull pups, giving tank crew/light troops the Eylsian rifle and calling it a carbine.
The rifles are based off these
http://www.flickr.com/photos/gallery_of ... 527019073/
http://images.wikia.com/killzone/images ... _Rifle.jpg

Please excuse my chaotic spelling and grammar, I am Dyslexic, to my friends that means I am retarded and should always wear my water wings and helmet.

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RE: New Plans

Permanent Linkby Jay on Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:47 pm


The composition of my army too has been a problem, do I approach this from a gaming POV? A fluff POV? or a budget POV? I decided to go for the fluff POV. If anyone is familiar with the Killzone games then they will know what the Helghast are all about, for those not familiar then the closest equivalent force that comes to mind is Steel Legion. Without delving into the fluff it left me with something of a problem. I always envisaged my force consisting of enough points to field in an Apoc game as a single side but I didn't want every unit to look the same. It also left the question of how much do I spend and how much of my army is made up of infantry, armour etc. In the end I felt it was going to cost more money then worth to field a 'complete' army and it would never quite match what I'd want.
So my solution was to split my IG into several different projects.

Project A. The Assault Army
Project B. Field Army - A traditional IG/DKoK inspired army. Much smaller and uses a lot of project A, basically built with anything left/reserve or just to sell.
Project C. A 'snowy' battle force (1 Troop and Tank)
Project D. Vehicle project, built with A in mind.

Project A is my army reborn. This is where I hope my own heads and designs will come into play. In a nutshell this army will follow as close as possible (whilst maintaining its 40k origins) to the Helghast. How will it be composed?

1xHQ - Colonel Iron Hand Strachen based HQ with options
3xTroop choices
2xHeavy Support (3x Leman Russ and 3x Balilisck)
2xElites (Kharskins and ratlings)
2xFast Attack (3x Sentinels and 1x Valkyrie)

Numerous interchangeable special characters

As my army is primarily infantry oriented I will give company 'A' the following

Platoon HQ with all options
A Chimera that can double up as a 'Command' Chimera

1st and 2nd squads will have there own HW teams and have full options of special weapons. (As well 2x Chimeras)
3rd squad will be composed of remnant special weapons, standard guardsmen. Enough if needs be to form a third squad or a special weapons squad.

Company 'B'

Company B is made up of a Platoon HQ centred around Chekov

1st Squad is a Vet carapace squad (which also double up as elites and/or 'airborne' troops)
2nd Squad is a Vet 'Sneaky Squad'
3rd Squad is 30 'mixed light infantry' (conscripts) - Basically interchangeable army troops, probably built from left overs and what not.

Company 'C'

Company C is my Heavy Weapons teams with 3 squads of 3 heavy weapons.

All the tanks will be modified and given full weapon options (magnets!) but all vehicles are a separate project and will be dealt with in due course. All characters will be interchangeable in the main with the exception of HQ, officers and Vet squad (like bastone or harker). Debating about Company C being something that can be interchangeable.
Please excuse my chaotic spelling and grammar, I am Dyslexic, to my friends that means I am retarded and should always wear my water wings and helmet.

Smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast
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