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Author:  Spack [ Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:49 pm ]
Blog Subject:  German armoured train hits first hurdle ...

I've managed to get a Hornby 8F locomotive + tender to base the Panzerzug on (it should be a German BR 57 0-10-0 locomotive but they're pretty expensive!), but now it's arrived I've found a couple of problems. The first is that I didn't realise it was a tender drive set I was getting, so I can't use the chassis I already had for the tender. The second is that the loco and tender are both a bit longer than the Panzerzug - while I could get out my dremel and trim them down to close to the right size, my son has decided that he likes the 8F too so the train will now be interchangeable; the 8F tender shell will be removed to put on the Panzerzug tender shell as the 8F shell is too high to cover over, and the loco shell will be built to fit over the existing 8F shell with about 15mm longer armour and clearance for the front bogey, allowing it to run as a German train or as a British steam train both in the 1942-1945 period.


Card mockup placed over the 8F shell showing the longer boiler and front bogey that will need to be accomodated.


The good news though is that the tender drive means that the loco and tender are very closely coupled with a sprung sliding connector to allow it to corner without binding up. And there's a glowing firebox inside the cabin too :)

I will try to keep the overall look of the locomotive the same, I should have card mockups of the loco+tender running on the railway shortly.

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