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Author:  Spack [ Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:26 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Grey Knights Dreadknight Conversion WIP Part 2

One day on and I decided I didn't like my first attempt at the Dreadnought style torso. After grabbing my FW MKIV GK Dreadnought and putting it side-by-side with the Dreadknight I realised that the "sarcophogus" was too small. So with my trusty Oyumaru thermosetting plastic I set out to replicate the FW Dreadnought torso onto the Dreadknight. After 3 failed attempts (not enough GS the first time, too much the second, knocked it while setting for the third and distorted it badly, grr!) I now have a torso I'm happy with.

The armour panels were pressed separately to make it easier to mount to the body.

Image Image

The centre piece was moulded directly onto the Dreadknight front, and then the side panels added

Image Image

Side by side with the FW MKIV, and comparison with the previous torso using the terminator head and torso.

Image Image

And finally pics all the way around - the hoses at the top of the backs of the legs have been subtly adjusted to fit with the wider stance.

Image Image Image
Image Image

I'm really pleased with the final result, but then again tomorrow I might have second thoughts again. :?

(part 1 of this build with descriptions of the kit modifications and first attempt at a torso can be found here: blog/Spack/grey_knights_dreadknight_conversion_wip_b-22.html)

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Author:  Cain Tiberius [ Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:47 pm ]

Cool very nice conversion. I said at AoS spring meet that the Dreadknight would look cool with a Dreadnought torso.
I really like what you have done. :headbang


Author:  jonthebetrayer [ Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:43 pm ]

That is a truly outstanding conversion. Makes me want to break out the modelling knife and green stuff myself :evil: ....

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