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Diary of a Madman

My infrequent dips into the 40k hobby, and other modelling. Expect photos of half built kits and little to no painting. :?

The grass is greener ...

Permanent Linkby Spack on Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:49 pm

Finally starting adding grass to my son's model railway.

Image Image Image

It's an undercoat of brown paint (tester pot of Chocolate Brown from Wickes), with static grass scattered over the top. A layer of PVA was added and spread all over, then the grass gently shaken from a small sieve to build it up. After the glue had dried a mix of water...

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Model Railway Christmas Tree

Permanent Linkby Spack on Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:12 pm

Today we put up the Christmas decorations in the house. After a while I had this odd thought creep into my head: "why not have LEDs on a tree on the railway?". A short time later and I had 5 LEDs plus some resistors soldered together and wrapped round a small conifer on the railway layout near the station entrance.

Image Image Image

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Model Railway Lighting

Permanent Linkby Spack on Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:03 pm

Some time ago when I first started building the model railway for my son I said I could add street lights to the layout. I duly spent hours making 2 very simple street lights, but this was somewhat lacking especially as they were quite dull. Today I finally removed them, and installed 20 white LEDs in street lights, station lights, and some interior lighting in buildings. These LEDs were prewired and had resistors fitted ready to use with 12V DC power (which I already had thanks to a left over Netgear router power supply), and cost less than buying the component parts to build myself. After 6 solid hours of work today the lighting is complete!

Take one bendy straw and trim it down to size. Bend a prewired LED, and slide into the straw. Street light complete :D The station lights are made the same way but with much shorter poles.


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Panzerzug mockup of Kommandowagen

Permanent Linkby Spack on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:08 am

A little more progress on the train, this time with a test of the Kommandowagen. The Sketchup model was flattened and printed out, and then glued together to check that it would work on the model railway. I also built a test chassis rig from from plastic I-beam, with brass point bearings and Hornby 14mm metal wheels, spaced at 70mm and 80mm centres so that it could be used to test both the armoured railcars axle spacing (70mm) and the longer spacing on the Pz38t tank carrier wagon (80mm, bearings can be seen at right hand side of pic that the axle can be moved onto) around the 1st and 2nd radius track on the railway. Even on the longest spacing it makes it around the 1st radius curves without derailing, although at speed it might well come off.


The railcar with the card mockups of the loco and tender, and...

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Panzerzug first rolling mockup ready

Permanent Linkby Spack on Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:05 pm

The extended loco and tender shells have been printed, cut out and glued, and tested for fit. I've had to make a couple of adjustments to the armour over the piston head to allow the piston to travel fully, and remove some of the armour forward of the piston to allow the front bogey to turn on tight corners. Overall I'm pleased with the result, the train runs round the entire track without getting caught on any of the scenery. It'll go round 1st radius, but will usually be run on 2nd radius curves.

Hornby Stanier 8F


Card shells placed over loco and tender (Hornby tender shell removed as it's too tall to cover over)


Angled shots of the train



And the rest of...

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