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Diary of a Madman

My infrequent dips into the 40k hobby, and other modelling. Expect photos of half built kits and little to no painting. :?

Panzerzug "Geschutzwagen" WIP

Permanent Linkby Spack on Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:44 pm

Another small update to the Panzerzug BP44 model train is the basic hull of the Geschutzwagen, which is armed with a 10.5cm turret.



This railcar is connected up to the tender, with the Kommandowagen between it and the Artillery/Flak railcar.

bp44 half.png

The next railcar in line will be the tank carrying well wagon which carries a Pz38t light tank and has a folding loading ramp, followed by a Panzerjaegerwagen which is a flat railcar with a Panzer IV turret. For the full BP44 duplicates of the railcars are added in the same order to the front of the train, plus two flat wagons which carry supplies and help protect the train should anything be in the way on the track. I'm still trying to decide where the Panzertriebwagen 51 will be placed,...

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Panzerzug railcar "Kommandowagen" WIP

Permanent Linkby Spack on Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:07 am

Got the basic hull of the Kommandowagen completed tonight. Still needs railings, buffers, and hatches, but is otherwise pretty much done.


I also did a bit more work on the Artillery/Flak railcar, adding the connecting corridor at the Flak platform end (there isn't one at the turret end, as the next railcar would be the tank carrying well wagon) and armour plates for the buffers.

kannon und flakwagen 3.png

And finally some pics of the new railcars on track and next to the loco and Panzertriebwagen.

new railcars.png

loco with railcars.png

new railcars camo.png

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Panzerzug railcar "Kannonen und Flakwagen" WIP

Permanent Linkby Spack on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:23 am

Decided to start on the Artillery and Flakcannon (Kannonen und Flakwagen) railcar for the Panzerzug train in Sketchup. So far the basic hull is pretty much complete, as well as the shell of the turret. Still to do are the flakcannon on the raised area, doors, hatches, and armoured connector to the Kommandowagen.

kannon und flakwagen.png

kannon und flakwagen 2.png
kannon und flakwagen ortho4.png
kannon und flakwagen ortho3.png
kannon und flakwagen ortho2.png
kannon und flakwagen ortho1.png

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Paper tanks - Jagdpanther

Permanent Linkby Spack on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:40 pm

Built another paper tank today, this time a German Jagdpanther tank destroyer which is one of my favourite vehicles in World of Tanks. I resized a 1/100 scale paper kit I found online to 1/87 scale so it can be transported on the Panzerzug train.

Building the kit was fiddly as it had no instructions, and I've got a few detail parts left to add to it - machine gun, cupola, exhausts, jerry cans, and various bits on the superstructure, but the basic tank is complete.






[ Continued ]

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Paper tanks - Tiger II "Konigstiger"

Permanent Linkby Spack on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:47 am

Last night I went looking for free paper tanks in order to supplement the train build, and stumbled across this site: http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~yoshidom/ It's in Japanese, but the pics next to the links make it easy to figure out what each free kit is. I grabbed the 1/72 Tiger 2 from here : http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~yoshidom/in ... 8-tig2.pdf

Putting the kit together was pretty easy, once I'd seen the instructions for the Panzer IV from the site page (http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~yoshidom/in ... -pkw4g.pdf ) as this included the details of what to do with each line. Solid lines are cut, dashed folded outwards, dot-dash folded inwards. Black stars are...

[ Continued ]

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