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Author:  Spack [ Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:05 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Panzerzug first rolling mockup ready

The extended loco and tender shells have been printed, cut out and glued, and tested for fit. I've had to make a couple of adjustments to the armour over the piston head to allow the piston to travel fully, and remove some of the armour forward of the piston to allow the front bogey to turn on tight corners. Overall I'm pleased with the result, the train runs round the entire track without getting caught on any of the scenery. It'll go round 1st radius, but will usually be run on 2nd radius curves.

Hornby Stanier 8F


Card shells placed over loco and tender (Hornby tender shell removed as it's too tall to cover over)


Angled shots of the train



And the rest of the parts I need for the complete train build arrived in the post today - metal Hornby wheel sets (14 needed for the railcars) and Peco brass axles bearings. Now to get some more plasticard so I've got plenty to complete the entire half train.

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