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Author:  Spack [ Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:26 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Panzerzug "Panzerjagerwagen" WIP

Started work on the 1st variant of the Panzerjagerwagen, a flat railcar with Pz IV turret mounted on a raised section. This railcar sits at the very end of the train, using it's plough to remove barricades from the railway and it's turret to fight off attacks. The rear of the chassis is heavily slanted so that the ramp from the Pz 38t well wagon fits underneath it - when the tank needs to be deployed the Panzerjagerwagon is detached and rolled forward, leaving a gap for the Pz 38t to drive down the ramp and out on patrol.

panzerjagerwagon i.png

And a shot of the BP44 half train with all the railcars in position, including the Panzertriebwagen 51 between the artillery/flak railcar and the well wagon carrying the Pz 38t.

panzerlok57 half train.png

And finally a shot of the entire BP44 train (note that there's only one Panzertriebwagen 51 in the rear half of the train).

panzerlok full train.png

There are still two railcars to do - the "Abstosswagen" which is a flat railcar for carrying additional supplies, and with a small flak gun mounted for defence, and the other Panzerjagerwagon variant. Also need to add the main hatches that are missing on various wagons, as well as the buffers and check the alignment of the buffer armour and corridors. After that each railcar will need unfolding ready for printing.

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