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Author:  Spack [ Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:01 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Predator P1 Bio 1/4 scale 3D modelling continued

Initial modelling details can be found in blog/Spack/predator_bio_mask_14_scale_modelling_b-176.html

I finally got around to working on the 3D model again, and have reached a point where I'm happy with the details and have prepared the model for printing. As well as finishing the interior venting details, the hose connector on the left temple was replaced with something closer to that used on the NECA Big Red figure (the Big Red bio is almost identical to the original P1 helmet, the only differences being the two half spheres on the forehead and the colour), and a small hose connector detail was added to the left cheek (this detail is missing from the NECA bios).

pdo mask with shell smoothed face vent clean lasers temple pipe.png

pdo mask with shell smoothed face vent clean lasers temple pipe inside.png
Outer view of bio

This has then been exported as a .DAE file and imported into Meshlab, then exported from there in .OBJ format and imported into netfabb. Here a default repair was done, this cleans up any issues with the model and turns into an enclosed shell if possible which is required for being able to print it. At this stage any issues will be shown in red on the mesh, and fixed in Sketchup before repeating the process. The repaired model is then saved as an STL file, imported into the 3D printer application, and the final steps carried out to add support material and slice the model into layers. The estimated print time for this is 5 hours 34 minutes. Once the printing has been completed photos will be posted.

EDIT: printed this morning, still needs some PLA support material removing in the laser housing and internal face area. The print came out very clean, will need a little smoothing with acetone but once primed should look good. I did make the eye lens area a little too thin, so they'll need a thin layer of filler to fill in the tiny gaps. It's now soaking in a solution of caustic soda to get rid of the PLA.

Inner bio details


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Author:  Spack [ Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:22 pm ]

Posted some more photos in the gallery at gallery/v/Spack/Spack06/Collectibles/predatorbio3d/

Author:  BDA [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:07 am ]

very nice work :)

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