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S.O.T.D Round 1 Round up

Permanent Linkby Stryder on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:29 pm

SM- "Good evening sports fans welcome to a special extended edition of Slam of the Day with the final two matches from round 1, as always I am joined by my green skinned compatriot Alan Grotson"

AG- "Thanks Snot, it has been a manic couple of weeks with controversy, old habits and ,of course, slams and strikes"

SM- "Thats right and tonight we begin with the the Cleveland Bay Buccaneers against the Dovah Kings"

AG- "This match had the hype of a final as both teams had come off some extreme pre-season friendlies with the Dovah Kings showing why that even though they are women, don't think they are weak"

SM- "And the Buccaneers having one of the highest body kill count of any team in Dreadball history. The match started with the Kings.."

AG- "Why are they called the Dovah Kings if they are a currently an all female team?"

SM- "Don't know you can ask them when you interview them for their round 3 game"

AG- "Erm...."

SM- "Anyway, the Kings started on the offensive blocking the Orx Guards onslaught early, leaving the Guards stunned and even bruising their pride and bones, leaving the Goblin Jacks slightly worried about what to do"

AG- "But luckily for the Jacks, their boys hung in even when a Jack from the Kings threw the ball at not one, but TWO Guards, injuring one and bouncing off the skull...."


Alan gets up walks over and slaps Snot before returning to his seat

AG- "...Off the skull before catching the rebound"

SM- "Unfortunately, she then proceeded to be part of an Orx Guard pancake and and her funeral was last Tuesday"

AG- "Sad moment for the Kings, great viewing for the fans"

SM- "The game then swung heavily into the Buccaneers favour, including one moment when the ref, former Green-Moon Smacker Guard 'Skull Bash-em' filled the final spot in the infamous 'Box' play"

AG- "Maybe memories of his playing days came flooding back and he got caught up. Anyway, this allowed the Buccaneers to run straight up to the Kings 4 point strike zone and....."

SM- "....drum roll please.....MISS"

AG- "Thats right the Goblin missed and it scattered in such a way that number 5 was able to scoop the ball up, run unopposed and flick the ball into the 2 point zone to secure the win"

SM- "If a win is what it could be called after 3 deaths"

AG- "Indeed, but a win is a win. The final game of round 1 was between the Sutain Stingers"

SM- "Actually some confusion about that teams name has arisen but they remain the Stingers for now"

AG- "Against the third human team...The Human League"

SM- "This game seemed to favour the Stingers, and they showed that when taking an early 4 point lead and keeping the humans down"

AG- "The humans couldn't be kept down and pushed back sending bug after bug to the blood bin and pressing the numbers until they drew the game back with another 4 point strike of their own"

SM- "But then things turned sour with the Stingers calling a foul on one of the human Guard, not only did it fall on deaf ears, but replays showed there was no foul committed at all"

AG- "And because of that all Refs are having their optics checked and tuned to avoid this problem happening again. The Stingers were punished after a 2 point strike, quickly followed by a 4 point strike, giving the humans a huge advantage and leaving them hungry for the 7-0 landslide"

SM- "Thats right but it seemed that the Stingers neural circuitry was bashed into place and they came pouring back on rushing the humans and scoring a 4 point strike, almost putting the game back into their...claws"

AG- "But with the final launch of the ball the humans scooped it up and showed their potential sending home a 4 point strike with authority and securing a 6-0 victory over the Stingers"

SM- "And with that result we have the table and how it looks after round one"

Team Points Strike
Iron Dreads 3 +7
Bad Moons 2 +6
Human League 2 +6
Dovah Kings 2 +2
Cleveland Bay Buccaneers 1 -2
Sutain Stingers 1 -6
BroadBeards 1 -6
Klendathu Bay Yellow Jackets 0 0
Scrapyard Dodgers 0 -7

SM- "So fans that's all for tonight, next time we will have all the action from round 2 so I'm Snot Motson"

AG- "I'm Alan Grotson"

SM- "And all we can say is keep the slams coming good night folks"
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