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S.O.T.D Round 2 Round up and News

Permanent Linkby Stryder on Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:33 pm

SM- "Good evening Dreadball fans tonight we have the final match of Round 2, The Cleveland Bay Buccaneers against the Iron Dreads and the league table as it stands so far. As ever I will be joined by my...ahem...good friend Alan Grotson and tonight we are also joined by Lucky Logan a human star, who has been watching this season with great interest so far"

AG- "Good Evening Snot and good evening to our guest Lucky Logan"

LL- "Thanks for having me guys..." Phone rings "...Oh excuse me fellas that's my agent calling...You've reached Logan it's your lucky day"

Snot and Alan look at each other in slight disbelief

SM- "Well we'll catch up with Logan later on but now tonight's game The Cleveland Bay Buccaneers Vs the Iron Dreads"

AG- "Both teams are looking strong after their opening games, but for varying different reasons"

SM- "Thats right Alan. The Buccaneers were feeling bitter from their first game, they had shown the rest of the world who were the strongest team around by killing 3 players, but their Jacks let them down and failed to score, which turned out to be their downfall as they lost 2-0"

AG- "Whereas the Dreads were riding high at the top of the league table with a 7-0 landslide against the Scrapyard Dodgers"

SM- "The game started quite mildly, by Dreadball standards, with the teams locking up across the pitch and completely ignoring the ball"

AG- "Well except for the Dreads strikers who ducked and dived between the players to try and sneak the ball away, however the Goblin Jacks pushed, and slapped the ball away frustrating them at every turn"

SM- "But then out of the blue, one of the Jacks forgot who he was and slammed one of the Dreads Guards!!"

AG- "The play did pay off though because as the guard was dealing with the goblin he suffered a backbreaking slam from behind by the Keeper, meaning he required medical treatment"

SM- "It did nothing to effect the game however as neither team could set up a perfect strike. The Buccaneer Jacks failing to get into position in time and the Dreads strikers got into position before they felt the wrath of the Orx Keeper, who was certainly proving to be essential part of the team"

AG- "The fans were getting angry and, despite a electrical field around the pitch, started throwing their empty drinks towards the pitch. It was getting tense out there"

SM- "The Buccaneers answered quickly by quickly and decisively injuring the Dreads players until they were all getting treatment at one point"

AG- "But then, the horn for SUDDEN DEATH sounded and the Cleveland Bay Buccaneers picked up their first win by default"

SM- "That wasn't the end of the match the Buccaneers refused to move from the pitch saying they should be allowed to score and even went so far as to rip the head off the ref bot"

AG- "The organisers at Digby then allowed the them one shot which resulted in a one point strike so the results will say Sudden death victory yet the Buccaneers will remember it as a 1-0 win"

SM- "And with that round 2 is finished and here we can give you the latest league table update"

Team Points Strike
Bad Moons 4 +8
Iron Dreads 4 +6
Dovah Kings 4 +4
Cleveland Bay Buccaneers 3 -1
Human League 2 +6
Klendathu Bay Yellow Jackets 2 +3
Sutain Stingers 2 -8
BroadBeards 2 -9
Scrapyard Dodgers 1 -9

AG- "The Bad Moons with their win over the Scrapyard dodgers take them to the top of the league on strike difference but the Iron Dreads and Dovah Kings close behind them"

SM- "Further down we see the Human League and the Klendathu Bay Yellow Jackets start their campaigns with wins. But don't forget folks this League has only just begun so until next time when we will have the entire round 3 and League Table update so until next time I'm Snot Motson"

AG- "I'm Alan Grotson"

SM- "Erm and from our guest Lucky Logan"

Camera pans to Logan who is still on the phone talking

SM- "Good night folks"

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S.O.T.D Round 2 Round up and News
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