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Awesome Warhammer Quest

by BANE on Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:40 pm
Hi all, this is the start of my first blog for my first major gaming related project.

I am going to make a 3d version of Warhammer Quest and its expansions but using the newer models from various ranges to build the monsters for the encounter table.

Its going to be slow so bare with me, ill post any progress on here, feed back and criticism but most importantly encouragement more than welcome.

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Horus Heresy & Malifaux

by DaBoss on Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:18 pm
Had another good day of painting with my son.

I managed to Biel-Tan Ink Wash my Sons of Horus.

Notice: I've added the Brass etched Sons of Horus Symbols to the Spartans.
Next I need to Dry Brush them with Dawnstone to lighten the Green Wash to match the test 5 I painted last year.
Still waiting for the Sponsons for the Spartans

Then we both spent some time painting up my next crew for Malifaux (actually Bradley quite likes them but using Somer Teeth Jones)
Here is what I've got finished for Ophelia Crew:

Ophelia Master
2 Bayou Gremlins
2 Slop Haulers
4 Piglets
2 Stuffed Piglets
2 War Pigs

Bradley is painting up the other 5 Bayou Gremlins and Somer.

I think Ophelia will be on the table for tomorrows game of Malifaux 50 Soulstones.

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Model Railway Lighting

by Spack on Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:03 pm
Some time ago when I first started building the model railway for my son I said I could add street lights to the layout. I duly spent hours making 2 very simple street lights, but this was somewhat lacking especially as they were quite dull. Today I finally removed them, and installed 20 white LEDs in street lights, station lights, and some interior lighting in buildings. These LEDs were prewired and had resistors fitted ready to use with 12V DC power (which I already had thanks to a left over Netgear router power supply), and cost less than buying the component parts to build myself. After 6 solid hours of work today the lighting is complete!

Take one bendy straw and trim it down to size. Bend a prewired LED, and slide into the straw. Street light complete :D The station lights are made the same way but with much shorter poles.


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BA Blog 1st November Old models updated.

by Cain Tiberius on Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:57 pm
Howdy folks. After dragging myself away from Space Marine.... I was able to finish updating 4 of my squads from my 10+ year old BA force. I present to you 3 tactical squads and 1 devestator squad.

What have I done you ask..

I have removed as many mould lines that I missed 10 years ago that I coulld, without causing to much extra work now.
I have removed baldy heads and replaced them with either new BA helms or BA heads.
I have added Sculted back pack flags to the Sergeants and painted squad markings on all the models.
Other than that, I have given all models a generous wash of Delvin Mud, and then bring the red back a lil with watered down Blood Red. And repainted some of the detailing.

Sounds like more that it is really. But anywho.. PICS

2nd Squad led by Sergeant Arvo.

5th Squad led by Sergeant Pattrazi.

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Rocks and ruined temple Bases.

by Cain Tiberius on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:41 pm
Ok so I better get round to posting this.


Start of by cutting shapes out of various sizes of balsa wood. And stack them up gluing them into your desired size/shape.


Then cover the whole thing with Quick Drying Polyfilla. I thought this was a good idea :-
estarriol wrote:one tip if mixing powder polyfilla/tetrion etc. get a tub of watercolour paint powder or cheap acrylic in your base rock colour (so grey, light brown whatever) and mix that...

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