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Horus Heresy - Sons of Horus New Year Update

by DaBoss on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:36 pm
With New Years day bring very wet and grey, perfect time to get the paints out and start adding some colour to my Sons of Horus models.

Starting with 2 coats of Dry Brushed Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Two Squads of 20 Tactical Marines, 10 Support Tactical Marines, 2 Apothecaries and a Praetor


Two Spartans.

Now for a Dry Bush of Dawnstone before going with a coat of Biel-Tan Green wash

You'll notice I'm missing the Quad Lascannon guns from the Spartans, seems that Forgeworld sent me Predator Sponsons wrongly!!
Wondered why the brackets seemed too small - phoned FW on 20th Dec, still waiting for the post to arrive; hopefully before Monday 6th as I wanted to use my Sons of Horus in their first game of WH30K (more like against 40K Chaos Space Marines) in a 2000pt game.

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EBay Wonder Buy Restoration Blog

by Galador on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:53 pm
Ok, seeing as how everyone wanted to see the progress of my Ebay restoration, I figured I would try my hand at this Blogging thing and make one out of it. Lets start with the original photos:


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Germans vs British LateWar - Total War Game

by DaBoss on Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:13 am
At another of my Clubs that I frequent 'Wycombe Warband', we had organised a large 'Total War' game involving 10 players each with 1750pts of forces.

The German Players fielded:
2 x Panzerkompanies
1 x Schwere Panzerkompanie
1 x Grenadierkompanie
1 x Fallschirmjagerkompanie

While the British fielded:
1 x Guards Armoured Recce Squadron
2 x Guards Armoured Squadrons
1 x Polish Armoured Squadron
1 x Guards Rifle Company

Mine was the Guards Rifle Company which included a 16 Gun Battery (8 x 25pdrs + 8 x 5.5 guns) to give me a combined Devastating Template at AT5 FP4+ with re-rolls to hit...I was looking forward to this.

A few mistakes from the British, getting suckered into a firefight with 8 Tiger tanks and a stubborn resistance put up by the Fallschirmjager on an objective.

Ended on Turn 4 with a 12vp vs 11vp Win for the Germans (if only we had more time...)

Have included a PDF with photos of the game, enjoy.

Total War - Germans vs British 10112012_reduced.pdf ...

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BA Blog 10th March More Vehicles.

by Cain Tiberius on Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:29 pm
Greetings peeps. Finally got the other 2 Rhinos and the Landraider from my old force painted up. Pretty strait forward really, no complex resorations or conversions.

Rhino's for the 5th and 6th Squads. No razor option as the lids where already glued down.


The Landraider I simply darkened up in the same manor as the old squads. I redid some of the detail and added more to bring it into line with the rest of my vehicles.



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Slam of the Day with Snot Motson and Alan Grotson

by Stryder on Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:02 am
This is just a work in progress open to feedback to give a colourful commentary to the League
SM- "Good evening Dreadball fans welcome to Slam of the Day the only program that brings you all the details from the Dreadball League I'm your host Snot Motson and with me as always is Alan Grotson"

AG- "Great to be here Snot, well Slamfans today was the first two matches of the latest Dreadball League, 'Dreadball Raiders', and today we had the Scrapyard Dodgers vs the Iron Dreads

SM- "That's right, many fans were expecting this to be a quick paced game and many of the actions certainly surprised the players, as well as the fans. The Iron Dreads took a quick 4 point strike lead and then the ball seemed to have a mind of its own including a mistimed strike that ended up back in the hands of the striker who threw it in the first place"

AG- "That's...

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