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Reforming The Guard

by Jay on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:13 pm
Earlier this year I talked about how my guard army is well anything but an army, it's basically a couple hundred upainted/stripped models with bits missing and all kinds of amateurish conversions that in retrospect are total crap. I also had the problem of getting the Ebay itch back when I started the hobby in '07 (I blame King and his wonderful FW cupboard) also it didn't help that Apoc came out roughly the same time and thus I ended up with more Leman russes and Chimeras then I know what todo with. I also hate the Russ design. This leads me to several problems. I've got way to many unpainted, half destroyed models and with the recent small revolution in bitz providers, I have surplus models and kit! So I've decided to sell most of my guard and start again from scratch, well not total scratch.

My plan is pretty simple, use up all the loose bits of cadian kits I don't intend to use and put together a couple of 'Battleforce' boxes worth of points, paint and dip and flog on ebay. In the...

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Malifaux 2E Reboot

by DaBoss on Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:41 pm
Finally consumed the rules and changes in the latest 2nd Edition of Malifaux.
Decided to get some more work on my 3rd Crew for the game (1st & 2nd being Rasputina and Pandora)

With the changes to the way Crew's are hired, models now have a basic stat card, with certain models being able to take upgrades (3 for Masters and 1 for Henchmen or Enforcers).
I've reconfigured my Nephilim Crew with choices from Wave 1
4pts Master - Lilith with Upgrades Wicked Mistress, Living Blade & Rapid Growth
12pts Enforcer - Mature Nephilim with Upgrade Obsidian Talons
12pts Minions - 2 x Young Nephilim
12pts Minions - 3 x Terror Tots

Total of 40 soulstones (will drop Rapid Growth & Obsidian Talons to give me an extra 2 soulstones)

Have also painted up a Doppelganger (Enforcer) with Nexus of Power for 8pts

Finally my latest purchases the Beckoners...

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Diary of a slackman

by jonthebetrayer on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:17 pm
Its been about 6 months since I put brush to paint to model. On the gaming side though i have had a fair few games of 40k of which i have lost a few (a few actually all of them) My beloved Worldeaters army seems to be failing me :roll: or it could be a lack of tactics and general stupidity.
To break me out of the painters block I have decided that I have had enough of red paint, therefore have chose to paint up a different army. Warriors of chaos seemed to be the best idea as the people I play against had everything but. Epic win.

I rushed out and bought a box of marauders and on the journey home I was thinking what a waste of money that was, they will only stay in the box and stay there until my son moves out and I sell them on. Got home and promptly glued them together, and painted and painted and painted. Damn it felt good.
Warriors of chaos army so far...

1, Chaos sorcerer...

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BA Blog 1st November Old models updated.

by Cain Tiberius on Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:57 pm
Howdy folks. After dragging myself away from Space Marine.... I was able to finish updating 4 of my squads from my 10+ year old BA force. I present to you 3 tactical squads and 1 devestator squad.

What have I done you ask..

I have removed as many mould lines that I missed 10 years ago that I coulld, without causing to much extra work now.
I have removed baldy heads and replaced them with either new BA helms or BA heads.
I have added Sculted back pack flags to the Sergeants and painted squad markings on all the models.
Other than that, I have given all models a generous wash of Delvin Mud, and then bring the red back a lil with watered down Blood Red. And repainted some of the detailing.

Sounds like more that it is really. But anywho.. PICS

2nd Squad led by Sergeant Arvo.

5th Squad led by Sergeant Pattrazi.

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Rocks and ruined temple Bases.

by Cain Tiberius on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:41 pm
Ok so I better get round to posting this.


Start of by cutting shapes out of various sizes of balsa wood. And stack them up gluing them into your desired size/shape.


Then cover the whole thing with Quick Drying Polyfilla. I thought this was a good idea :-
estarriol wrote:one tip if mixing powder polyfilla/tetrion etc. get a tub of watercolour paint powder or cheap acrylic in your base rock colour (so grey, light brown whatever) and mix that...

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