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BA Blog 3rd August

by Cain Tiberius on Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:50 pm
March?? Really?? Really handn't realised it had been that long since I posted anything.
Ok, as I've said, my laptop died a hard death a couple months ago. So some of these have been finished a while, just haven't been able to upload till now.

First up;

BA Tactical Squad led by Sergeant Daleal.
Figures of note are these 2 converted from LotD figures.

BA Assault Squad led by Sergeant Garibaldi.
Figures of note.

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Paper tanks - Jagdpanther

by Spack on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:40 pm
Built another paper tank today, this time a German Jagdpanther tank destroyer which is one of my favourite vehicles in World of Tanks. I resized a 1/100 scale paper kit I found online to 1/87 scale so it can be transported on the Panzerzug train.

Building the kit was fiddly as it had no instructions, and I've got a few detail parts left to add to it - machine gun, cupola, exhausts, jerry cans, and various bits on the superstructure, but the basic tank is complete.






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Warhammer 40k: Campaign

by Baragash on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:22 pm
So in the summer, myself and Phil hope to play a system-wide campaign.

We'll be running a single planet campaign around Easter just to see how it works.

Anyway, it'll combine:

And of course the normal 40k rules. The plan is to have 5 planets, each consisting of 7 tiles (ie 1 central tile and 6 surrounding tiles), and also run the standard fleet-based campaign rules for BFG.

In an old White Dwarf article, it suggested that to assault a planet a player would attack using BFG's Planetary...

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Dwarf King's Hold - played some games

by Baragash on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:53 pm
Played some games today with my little (well 25) bro - he's ex-GW, Space Crusade etc, so not like I'm playing a noob ;)

Rules greyness

Pile 'o Bones - we thought the language is unclear here. Initially it seems reassembling = 1 action, but then it goes on to say that it counts as a model that has had an action played on it.
a) this is redundant repetition, only Dwarf Follow-Ons can be played on a model that has already acted
b) this limits the model to 1 action (of reassembling) regardless of how many points the token was worth

I opted for a), see Scenario 1.

Break-offs & Free Strikes - would have liked some clarity on whether a model can Free Strike against a model leaving from it's Rear Arc.

I opted for "yes" by RAW.

Scenario 1

3 Dwarf...

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Panzerzug "Panzerjagerwagen" WIP

by Spack on Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:26 pm
Started work on the 1st variant of the Panzerjagerwagen, a flat railcar with Pz IV turret mounted on a raised section. This railcar sits at the very end of the train, using it's plough to remove barricades from the railway and it's turret to fight off attacks. The rear of the chassis is heavily slanted so that the ramp from the Pz 38t well wagon fits underneath it - when the tank needs to be deployed the Panzerjagerwagon is detached and rolled forward, leaving a gap for the Pz 38t to drive down the ramp and out on patrol.

panzerjagerwagon i.png

And a shot of the BP44 half train with all the railcars in position, including the Panzertriebwagen 51 between the artillery/flak railcar and the well wagon carrying the Pz 38t.

panzerlok57 half train.png

And finally a shot of the entire BP44 train (note that there's only one Panzertriebwagen 51 in the rear...

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