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Events: Salute 2011

by Baragash on Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:21 pm
So I'll be off to Salute 2011 on Saturday 16th April. Going to be catching up with Mantic, Forgeworld and KR and a few other stands whilst I'm there.

And whilst I'm there I'll be picking up the following that I just ordered for collection:

3 of these...
...to use in the mega campaign I'm planning later in the year.

This dude...
...for my Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion

This dude...
...for nostalgia (for now?) ;)

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Mantic: Kings Of War

by Baragash on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:17 pm
So Mantic had a 15% off to celebrate Ronnie's (the owner) birthday, and I took the opportunity to buy both Kings Of War armies from Mhorgoth's Revenge to ~1,000pts (Undead at 1,015 and Dwarfs at 1,005 or 1,020 depending on if I upgrade the Crossbows to Rifles, ignoring Mhorgoth for now).

"Only available for the offer duration" items I went for:
5 Undead Zombie Sprues (3 Zombies per sprue) to make the unit from the basic set into a 30 model unit
Collectors Model - Thinking Elf

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Flames of War - Total War

by DaBoss on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:26 am
Having a long summer break between Contracts - so have time to play big games.

Had 2 games of FoW and persuaded Stu & Ian to take me on at "Total War" mission, this is played with larger than normal forces, we went for 3000pts from one Company.
There are 6 objectives on the table which give you 1vp each turn held, 2 in each players deployment and 2 6" from center line. We played over a 6' x 7' table.

Ruined Town including New Railway Station

Russian Village - latest purchase is the Church

First game was my British Armoured Tanks from Hells Highway vs Stu's German Panzerkompanie.

British - CV
HQ - 4 Shermans
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly

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BA Blog 4th April 13: Bikes

by Cain Tiberius on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:39 am
Howdy folks.

So painting has been slow since I finished the Hawk. I really don't like painting large models :/
But I have now finished a Raven Wing style squad. Yeah I know that's DA, but I think the unit composition fits well in any SM force. As my 2nd Co. is complete, these are from the 8th Co. (assault Co.) which is represented by a double green tear drop on the right shoulder. On models from this Co. I'm deciding to for go the embossed shoulder pads and just free handing the symbols. All the bases are made by me as usual.


The 2 bikes on the left side are from the Dark Vengence set. The 2nd bike to the right side is an eBay rescue. And the other 3 bikes, the attack bike and the speeder are all from my 10 year old force, with the same update techniques I've mentioned before.

Models of note are the attack bike and speeder....

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Cain's BA Blog 26th May

by Cain Tiberius on Thu May 26, 2011 12:17 pm
Howdy folks.
Those of you who met me at AoS meet in March will probably my first Stormraven which I based on the Hunter Killer from Terminator Salvation.
Well today I now present my 2nd completed Stormraven.

As you'll notice, it is based on GWs SR kit. I stretched it using someone's idea which on B&C which can be found here
But, I continued with my VTOL design. And I was actualy quite suprised how close my first and second SR came dimentionally speaking. I feel they could easily be imagined to be different models of the same vehicle.
Anywho, see what you guys think.


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