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Bara's adventures in dipping

by Baragash on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:11 pm
Little experiment in dipping on a "red shirt" model:

Spray white
Usual base technique
Brush on Quickshade Medium
Clean brush in white spirit
Pick out collar in Chainmail
Light drybrush of Bleached Bone
Light drybrush of Skull White (inc base)

Job done :)

(Well I need to tidy the rim and do a quick wash on the Chainmail, but yeah)

Hopefully this will develop into a speedy appearance of my Tomb Kings :)

Thanks Matt :)

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Kings of War: Single Model Cost

by DaBoss on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:59 pm
So having determined that the base cost of a model is our starting point for calculating each unit cost

Then using the following formulas:
Troop (N) Cost = N x SMC
Regiment (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.5)
Horde (N) Cost = N x (SMC - 0.75)

Units that start at Troop(5)
- count Half-Regiment(N) as Regiment(N) cost
- count Regiment(N) as Horde(N) cost

We get the following results: Difference in points in RED
Single Model Cost.pdf

Skeleton SMC=4.5 Troop(10) = 45, Regiment(20) = 80, Horde(40) = 150 ---- All AOK
Revenant SMC=6 Troop(10) = 60, Regiment(20) = 110, Horde(40) = 210 ---- Not so good +5/+10 increase
Zombie SMC=3.33 Troop(15) = 50, Regiment(30) = 85, Horde(60) = 155 ---- Not so good -5/-15 decrease
Ghoul SMC=4.5 Troop(10) = 45, Regiment(20) = 80, Horde(40) = 150 ----...

[ Continued ]

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S.O.T.D Round 2

by Stryder on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:56 pm
SM- "Good evening sports fans and welcome to Slam of the Day. I am, as ever, your host, Snot Motson, and, as always, I'm joined by my colleague Alan Grotson"

AG- "Good evening Snot. Well Dreadball fans we have a fantastic line up of games tonight, including what had to be the closest game in the, albeit early stages, league so far"

SM- "Thats right Alan, while their wasn't the same amount of drama, there was plenty of action. And we begin with Scrapyard Dodgers against the Bad Moons"

AG- "The Dodgers were eager to bounce back from a landslide loss at the hands of the Iron Dreads previously, and they rushed hard and fast taking the advantage of concentration the Bad Moons pushing them deep into their own half and even seriously injuring two of the sleepy Jacks out of the game"

SM- "As sports broadcasters we cannot take sides in this sport, but those dirty rotten PILES OF JUNK SHOULD BE PUNISHED"

AG- "Snot! calm down"

SM- "Ahem...anyway...

[ Continued ]

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Cain's Blood Angel Blog 6th May

by Cain Tiberius on Fri May 06, 2011 10:48 am
Hey folks. I thought I'd start off with a list of what I am intending to build for my Blood Angels. Yes it'll take a long time, but that doesn't matter. I'll be updating this as I go. Units in Green have been completed. Red is uncompleted/unstarted.

Blood Angels list Part 1

Lord Comander Dante
Captain Eramus Tycho
Captain Aphael of the 2nd Co. (Mag Weapons)
Honour Guard x5
Librarian in PA
Librarian in TA
1st Co. Captain in TA

Chaplin in PA...

[ Continued ]

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Generic Points System to use in Kings Of War Rules

by DaBoss on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:59 am
Having played a few games at the club and practice games at home, I've come to like the simplicity of the rules and the game dynamic it produces.

No more HeroHammer or huge tomes to look through to see what the rules subsection states, and easy to get a game done in a short space of time.

Unfortunately, in there eagerness to get rules out to use their models, Alessio did a fine job but I do wonder about the costing of some of the units.

Lets take for example a Simple Regiment from the Undead and the Elves (20 strong unit with no Standard Bearer or Musician).

Skeleton Regiment (20)
Sp 5, Me 5+, De 4+, At 10, Ne 6 with Evil Dead, Shambling Horde and Phalanx rules @95pts

Elven Spearmen Regiment (20)
Sp 6, Me 4+, De 4+, At 10, Ne 6 with Elite and Phalanx rules @110pts

Some stats can be ignored as they will have no difference between the effectiveness of each unit.
So the main differences are:
1) Speed - Elves will likely get the charge...

[ Continued ]

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