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BA Blog 3rd August

by Cain Tiberius on Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:50 pm
March?? Really?? Really handn't realised it had been that long since I posted anything.
Ok, as I've said, my laptop died a hard death a couple months ago. So some of these have been finished a while, just haven't been able to upload till now.

First up;

BA Tactical Squad led by Sergeant Daleal.
Figures of note are these 2 converted from LotD figures.

BA Assault Squad led by Sergeant Garibaldi.
Figures of note.

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S.O.T.D Round 2

by Stryder on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:56 pm
SM- "Good evening sports fans and welcome to Slam of the Day. I am, as ever, your host, Snot Motson, and, as always, I'm joined by my colleague Alan Grotson"

AG- "Good evening Snot. Well Dreadball fans we have a fantastic line up of games tonight, including what had to be the closest game in the, albeit early stages, league so far"

SM- "Thats right Alan, while their wasn't the same amount of drama, there was plenty of action. And we begin with Scrapyard Dodgers against the Bad Moons"

AG- "The Dodgers were eager to bounce back from a landslide loss at the hands of the Iron Dreads previously, and they rushed hard and fast taking the advantage of concentration the Bad Moons pushing them deep into their own half and even seriously injuring two of the sleepy Jacks out of the game"

SM- "As sports broadcasters we cannot take sides in this sport, but those dirty rotten PILES OF JUNK SHOULD BE PUNISHED"

AG- "Snot! calm down"

SM- "Ahem...anyway...

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New Plans

by Jay on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:32 pm
9 months nearly since the last post and no pictures, hrmm. Change of plans! I started to assemble on mass and relieased several things. A) Wasn't happy with the models B) Wasn't happy with the weapons & accesroies and C) Had no concrete plan for how many and what kind of troops I wanted.
So the project took a back seat while I got on with starting from scratch. A clean slate...sort of. Since picking up the hobby back in 07 I've ploughed loads of money into nothing because I've rushed, changed my mind and then changed it again. Hell I probably have been able to afford a complete DKoK army going off what I've spent so far! That being said I've now got a ton of models that need so much repair work it's not worth the effort.

The biggest obstacle for me has being finding the right balance between W40k/Imperium and the Helghast theme, because I can't sculpt or model it has been so far simple head swaps but this never really satisfied what I had in mind. Something that always bothered me...

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Malifaux - Latest Painting effort

by DaBoss on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:17 am
Had some spare time last week, so added some paint to some models.
Still plenty of work to be done but they are a pleasure to work on.

Cassandra the Showgirl, to add to my Rasputina Crew. Nice combat abilities and with Grande Finale might be able to change the results of the Strategy.

December Acolyte - Some long range sniping from this model to add to the short range ice blasts from the rest of the crew.
December Acolyte.JPG

Trying to get a dirty nasty look to Teddy, think it will look better once I've done his claws, teeth and eyes.
But what to put on his front heart shaped space???

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Cain's BA Blog 12th May

by Cain Tiberius on Thu May 12, 2011 12:30 pm
Howdy folks. I have finished my first MK1 Rhino conversion. I already showed you some pre painted pics. So here it is now completed.


Here is the Razorback variant usuing the Stormraven Turret.


Some comparison shots.


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