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The Longest Dai!

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The Longest Dai!

Postby OWCriminal » Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:17 pm

The Viet Taff (aka Cardiff Wargames Club) are proud to present their latest tournament, in their new venue:

'The Longest Dai'
A Late War Tournament,
1500 points,
You can use any LW book currently in print (that is not superceded) or any official LW PDF to build your army list.

When: 20th/21st March 2010

Where: Firestorm Games, 8A Trade Street, Off Penarth Road, Cardiff (our new, plush venue!)

Cost: £20,

Submissions: entries and lists in before noon, 6th March 2010.

Rulespack to follow this weekend.
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Re: The Longest Dai!

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:57 am

Hey all :)

Im not living in South Wales anymore (and I dont play FoW), so this doesnt apply to me, but I wanted to add something anyway: having been to Firestorm Games and having met some of the Cardiff guys at a show, I would definately recommend this event to anyone who can make it (you might even meet some of the guys from my old gaming club in Swansea there too).

Hope everyone has a good time,

Cheers :)

~ Tim
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