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1st FoW Campaign: Axis v Allies

1st FoW Campaign: Axis v Allies

Postby KInG » Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:34 pm

We finally got around to doing a campign using the planetry empire tiles from 40k.

Al supplied the rules, etc. Below we have the Campaign Rules and Resource Table:

FoW Campaign.pdf
(166.91 KiB) Downloaded 180 times

Resource Table.pdf
(66.89 KiB) Downloaded 150 times

Then we have the image that I update after attacks have been declared, and then after the results of those battles.

We are about 4 turns into the campaign at the moment, so obviously this first image is showing where we are at present:

FoW Campaign Map.jpg

Over the next week or so the attacks into enemy held tiles will be resolved and the next update will show the results, before the next lot of attacks are declared. I'm also waiting for the poins totals of each force as they stand at present. So if the guys involved in the campaign know any of theirs or others, just let me know here and I'll update them.
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