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"Multiply" (Tokens) Green Deck

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"Multiply" (Tokens) Green Deck

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:21 am

Hey all :)

ever since i picked up the Shadowmoor Turnaboutdeck, Rhys the Redeemed has been one of my favourite cards: making Creature Tokens is cool enough, but doubling them is even better!

i recently opened a second copy of this Legendary Creature, and i thought it was time to build a deck around him, his ability, and Creature Tokens in general, so here it is:


as well as making (and multiplying) Creature Tokens, this deck gave me a chance to be "anti-flying" (since my Creatures with Reach are nice and cheap, and some of my Token-generating cards kill flyers). this should compliment the Token-making theme, since the majority of the creatures i will create will have difficulty dealing with Flyers.

Hoof Skulkin and Barkshell Blessing (which i took over Giant Growth due to the fact using its Conspire ability is easier in a deck with lots of creatures) mean i can boost individual Creatures/Tokens as needed, and Wilt-leaf Liege boosts everyone in my force.

Civic Wayfinder is a solid smallish cheapish Creature, but i really took him for his Land-finding ability, to help with Howl of the Night Pack, Retracing Savage Conception, and getting off to a good start.

Sapseep Forest and Wurm's Tooth allow me to gradually gain Life, and Toil to Renown gives me the capability for a massive one-off Life gain, since it feeds off the tapped permanents i have (and if all goes to plan, i should have a lot of those!). considering i dont have any massive creatures to absorb Trample damage, and the deck will need time to build up its Token army, i think having the ability to (re)gain life will come in very handy.

Drove of Elves has great synergy with Rhys and his Token Creatures, and also gives me another way of doubling the size of my Token army, when combined with Mercy Killing. (Drove of Elves has Power & Toughness equal to the number of Green Permanents i control, and Mercy Killing allows me to Sacrifice a Creature and gain a Token Creature for every point of Power it had)

i would have liked to add a couple of cards, but since they are used in my Red Decks, i decided to leave them out: Umbral Mantle would be great with Rhys/Presence of Gond (since it allows you to untap a Creature, so you can then tap it again to make more Tokens) and Giant Baiting would have been good too (Conspire to make 2 Giants, then double them with Rhys before attacking)...
my Decks of individual colours do share cards with eachother (the two Green Decks have 9 cards in common, for example), but at least the different-coloured decks stand alone (this means i can use my Red Decks against my Greens, for example). one day i might buy duplicates of the shared cards, but that isnt a priority at the moment (having 2 different Green Decks with a small set of shared cards that are swapped between them will do for now)

im hoping to try it out against either my latest Red Deck or Kate's Blue Deck tomorrow evening.

so, what do you think? :?:

cheers :)

~ Tim
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