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Postby killmaimburn » Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:52 pm

I'm thinking of doing a show game, with people who absolutely hate minature games and strangle cats everytime anyone puts a G before a W in a word.
So I'll be using Matts paper block system(possibly ringed in paperclips to avoid a repeat of the great sniffle of two thousand and eleven.)
But the group is was and will always be 4.
So Since ruffian brought this up in 40k..I figured I've ask about it in KOW to be well KMB. Can carnage (the fourplayer battle royale scenario for 40k) work in KOW?
I'd imagine since people aren't locked in assualt at the end of the turn and (currently) there are no tricky reserves or surprise turn interupters it would actually work better?

4 player KOW on (at most a 6x4) can it be done, 5-600 points x4?
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Re: KOW..multiplayer?

Postby mattjgilbert » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:08 pm

It sounds feasible. I guess the only issue is that everything is designed to happen in your turn. THis means 3 players waiting around until they can do anything.

You could just run multiple games. Go 1000 points and a 4x4 table and you'll get quite a few 2-player games in one afte the other. No one minds watching a 30-45 minute game if they know they are up next.
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