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UK Kings of War tournaments for 2013

Re: UK Kings of War tournaments for 2013

Postby killmaimburn » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:59 pm

Feel free to split when this gets annoying matt :D
mattjgilbert wrote: last week and this week: Star Wars X-Wing :)
Bob_to_Some wrote:
BANE wrote:Off topic but i would be intrested in you verdict on Star wars X Wing.

Me too!

I played 3 rounds of it last night..
> Its very fast, its like aeronautica but not having to think in 3 dimensions (that darn height slidy) makes the game much faster.
> Its fairly well balanced, unlike dreadfleet my opponent hadn't lost half his fleet and wasn't on fire by the time he got to me.
> its very like both of the above (but with the templates that FW doesn't provide) so if you can play them you can easily pick this up with almost no tutorial.

I played against the owner.
Round 1 2 tie fighters against one xwing with basic R2 upgrade.. Win for X wing/me
Round 2 2 tie fighters against one xwing with basic R2 upgrade (addedd terrain and swapped forces) win for squadron of tie fighters flying in perfect formation then hammer and anvil (me)
Then I took a named Y wing (really slow but synergy and hit points) and a named A wing (could shoot stuff it had by accident hit) against boba fett in a shadow vessel thingy[ edit slave 1] with secondary laser system, shock bomb thingy and one of cluster missile. I got his shields off but he/boba smashed me off the table.

V enjoyable game.. its the expansions that suck you in though.(and apparently some of those, e.g. the millenium falcon is £20+ for the model.. I pretty instantly worked out it wasn't awesome off the peg where as the relatively cheap upgrade to let the wookie fly it was awesome- possibly some balance issues on expansions.
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Re: UK Kings of War tournaments for 2013

Postby mattjgilbert » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:45 pm

Here's one of the Regional trophies up for grabs!

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