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GW June Price Increases

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GW June Price Increases

Postby Spack » Tue May 19, 2009 1:24 pm

As you may be aware GW are increasing prices on some of their range starting 1st June. The good news is that these increases affect about 1/5 of the total stockist list, and a lot of the rumours floating around elsewhere were wrong or overly pessimistic. We're still trawling through the lists making sure the figures are right, but we wanted to post a few details now. More to follow as we sort it out. Prices shown are the 17.5% vat versions (a lot easier to read, to get actual selling price multiply by 0.98;))

Core rulebooks - going up from £30 to £35
AoBR/Skull pass/Mines of Moria - up from £40 to £50
Battleforce/army boxes - NO CHANGE!

A few examples of blister/box changes

Chaos Space Marines (2007) squad - was £18 now £20
Thousands Sons squad - was £18 now £23
Necron Destroyer Lord - was £12 now £13.50
Chaos Knights (2008) - was £12 now £13.50
Lizardmen Saurus Temple Guard - was £15 now £17
Epidemus - was £25 now £30
Necron Immortal - was £7 now £8
Spellsingers - was £7 now £8
Empire Warrior Priest - was £6 now £7

When we've had chance to get a complete list of the changes we'll get them posted, in the meantime don't panic! :)
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